Date: 11/07/2017



It is time (after SEVEN DECADES) to look at Gandhi, Nehru and "Independence" in TRUE light through the eyes of an EYE WITNESS.

Please discover Gandhi's (and Nehru's) role in getting Bharat BROKEN up into three fragments with MILLIONS of Hindus slaughtered or forced into exile as refugees. It is high time to demand their TRIAL for betraying the PEOPLE (especially the HINDUS) and sacred TERRITORY of Bharat in the most cowardly and utmost detached & irresponsible manner ever seen in history before.

The following scene (unconditional surrender of Hindusthan to the ENEMY in 1947) comes before our minds every time when we see the zoo keeper throw large pieces of animal carcass over the fence to the hungry lions.

To us ever since, the "zoo keeper" was Jawaharlal NEHRU, the "supplier of carcasses" was MK Gandhi, the "hungry lions" were Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his "All-India Muslim League", and the "chunks of raw flesh" were literally the Hindus & Sikhs living in LAHORE, NORTH KASHMIR and EAST BENGAL."

Sadly, the (Islamic) "LION" in our fable digested that meat quickly, and re-appeared in KASHMIR for more!

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Here is another scenario of 1947 for the NATIVES of the land (whose spiritual guides and divine gurus, mahatmas and rishis were born in Hindusthan), living in the "bliss of ignorance" in "Partitioned Indian Secular State" (Hindusthan)-
"Lady Hindusthan" was "Mother India" or "Bharat Maata" that was “raped and mutilated”, and left for dead, before the British finally left India..
Jinnah was the rapist. Nehru was the pimp. Mountbatten kept the watch while holding the lady down.

Gandhi fainted on the sight of horror and was speechless. He was like a child, very weak, who could only sulk and cry while our enemies celebrated their victory.

There were the only fu**ing FOUR involved. People of India, considered dumb cattle, were NOT consulted. There was NO referendum. Nor was there any condition attached to the unconditional surrender of India to the enemy!

It was all over in ONE day! The day was announced as "Independence Day" by Nehru who sent a top secret message to Jinnah to invade Kashmir.

Decades later, we realised the reason. As a barrister Nehru was unrivalled. He told Jinnah, "Brother, I accomplish PHASE ONE. You go for Phase Two. Good luck!" The Hindu nation clapped.

Then Mr Jinnah, President of All-India Muslim League dictated his terms to Nehru, Gandhi and all the members of All India Hindu Mahasabha, as follows:-

LOCAL (not overall) MAJORITY.
“Wherever we are in majority that territory will belong to our Rasul Allah Mohammed of Mecca, in perpetuity.
You will surrender all that land unconditionally, including the ancient cities of Multan with Bhagat Prahlad Temple, Chakwal with Katasraj Temple since the days of Mahābhārata where the Pandava brothers spent a substantial part of their exile at the site [], and last but not the least Sri Nankana Sahib, the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikh faith.”
“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru, listening meekly.

“For those territories that you surrender we shall write up, and enforce, ISLAMIC Constitution that will be based on the teachings of KORAN. We shall treat all the KAFIRS, i.e., Non Muslims, as prescribed in The Book.”
“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, trembling while listening.

We reserve the right to carry out total ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs by murdering, abducting, raping millions, and expelling tens of millions from their homes, degrading them in our ISLAMIC Pakistan by denying them EQUALITY with the Muslims who will be free to rape a non-Muslim female and if she complains, she will be required to produce FOUR male witnesses to support her accusation. You will watch like the sheep in abattoir your fellow Hindus killed in Kashmir, East Bengal, Sindh, even Uganda and Fiji, but do nothing while silently waiting for your own turn.
In the case of all mixed marriages, the non-Muslim spouse will embrace Islam at once, or face DEATH.”
“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray carry on,” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, listening.

“Thou shalt not touch the whiskers of a Mohammed in Hindusthan. Your government will undertake to safeguard life and property of each and every Muslim citizen while we reserve the right to do ethnic cleansing in accordance with the Will of Allah.
In cinemas NO Hindu actor will be seen doing any love scene or dance with a Muslim actress while Muslim actors will have full freedom to dance, kiss, play, strip & bare (naked) any Hindu actress.”
“Yes, Sir, we agree. Pray, hurry up. We need to start breathing.” said Gandhi and Nehru meekly, holding their breath.

Finally let it be clear upon you that any territory or land that is once under the foot of Mohammed (i.e., “Islamic”), will belong to MOHAMMED of MECCA in perpetuity. Any territory or land that is once ours will never be yours. Accordingly, not only West Pakistan but also East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and any part of Kashmir captured by us, will remain ISLAMIC for ever.”
“Yes, Sir, we agree. Thank you,” said Gandhi and Nehru, mighty relieved that the Islamic “PANCHSHEEL” had come to an end and they could breathe normally once again!

YES, the lives of our despicable cowardly “netas” had been spared though MILLIONS of ordinary citizens of Bharat lost theirs as a direct result of “buying peace” from the Devil.
It was like Chamberlain’s “Peace with Honour” agreement with HITLER in 1938. Hindusthan, known as “Bharat Mata”, or “Mother India”, shrank in size and acquired her most disgusting map outline. Nehru was an accomplice while Gandhi had “bought” his peace.
The new borders tore through the middle of grand provinces of Bengal and Punjab. North Kashmir was severed like the head from the body of "Mother India"!
It is up to us to open our eyes and see the Truth. It is up to us to demand a TRIAL of Jinnah, Nehru and Gandhi for HIGH TREASON. Such trial can never be time barred.
It is up to the PEOPLE of India to unite and then become a MIGHTY FORCE to reckon with.
Shedding the traits of “jackals” but acquiring the guts of “lions” we all should step forward and exterminate the anti secular, anti national and "Hindu-bashing" "vermin” who have been ruling and fooling our great nation of one billion since the Day of Partition in 1947. (Written in August 2013)
“SATYAM VIJAYATE!” over the dead bodies of the COWARDS.