Date: 15/07/2017

Janam-patri of Pakistan

1. ... it had started war with Maharaja of Kashmir, when it was only 1 year old.

2. ... it had started war with India, when it was 18 years old.

3. ... it had started killing East Pakistanis, more than half of its population, when it was 24 years old.

4. ... it has been causing Terrorism in Indian Kashmir and India for last 68 years.

5. ... it had financed, trained and armed Sikh Indian Separatists to terrorize India.

6. ... it had become an Agent of USA to get Communist Regime in Afghanistan overthrown in 1981.

7. ... it trained JehaaDis and infiltrated in to Afghanistan.

8. ... it had taken over Baluchistan and has since then attacked it for 4 or 5 times.

9. ... it has killed more than 10,000 Mohajirs.

10. ... it had created Taliban to invade in their disguise in 1994, financed, trained and armed them.

11. ... it had invaded Afghanistan in 1996 along with its Protégé Taliban.

12. ... it had caused JehaaDi Revolts in Central Asian countries and Sinkiag, China.

13. ... it has more JehaaDi Religious Schools, Seminaries and Military Training Camps than any other country on Earth. More than 40,000 Religious Schools brain washing millions of Children to make them become JehaaDi Terrorists.

14. ... it has been killing more Moslims thru Taliban and other JehaaDi Groups every year than India.

15. ... it has been caught by Bangladesh smuggled Weapons for JehaaDi Groups there.

16. ... China Made AK 47s that were gifted to Pakistan by China has been found in hands of Philippine Moslim Ransom Mongering JehaaDi Dissidents.

17. ... 'al Shabab' of Somalia and Boko Hraam of Nigeria's founders used to be Students of Religious Schools in Pakistan.

18. ... hundreds of JehaaDi Terrorists caught in the West have been found to be educated in Pakistani Religious Schools or trained by Pakistan Military Run JehaaDi Training Camp.

19. ... Money Link of 9/11 Hijackers was ISI boss in Pakistan.

20 ... it was caught sheltering Osama a mile from its biggest Military Academy in a Garrison Town.

21. ... it is still busy trying to take over Afghanistan thru its Protégé Taliban.

22. ... it objects on Afghanistan's good relations with India like Afghanistan is one of its provinces.

23. ... its Army Units had fought against Palestinians in Jordan as Mercenaries of King there.

24 ... its Army Units are fighting against people of Bahrain as Mercenaries of King even now.

25. ... its Taliban are fighting alongside with ISIS in Syria but they are called Khorasan there.