Date: 22/07/2017

Re: [hc] Re: Stop CRYING and START ACTION

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While rest of india was busy glorifying the writers of 1947 partition ie Gandhi & Nehru, dead bodies of several nirbhyas along with dead bodies of old & young men & women, kept on coming on trains from Lahore.

Seculars crowd of rest of India, had marketed Gandhi as the biggest ambassador of non voilence and Nehru as biggest star of secularism. There was no sympathy for the survivors of partition.

Gandhi & Nehru had ofcourse tightened administrative machinery to protect muslims from any back lash in this part of partitioned hindu India. At no stage they cared for the safety of hindus in the other part of partitioned India which is now Pakishaitan.

Head of the station master of Lahore who was on duty on 14 Aug 1947, was chopped off by heavily equipped muslims. (He was also one of my close relatives) This is pertinent to mention here that I lost my grand parents and close to 60 relatives in 1947 voilence

Survivors of voilence in Lahore who could reach railway station were killed by armed mob which was backed by muslim army & police.

Some of the convoys of hindus & some of the survivors who could reach this part of insensitive secular India had also painful stories to share with hindus of this part of India. Alas they could not get enough listeners.

As secular hindus they exhibited more sympathy towards muslims. They never ever cared for the uprooted hindus.

What a shame Rest of India

called those political leaders as their Fathers & Uncles who brought death & destruction to their own brothers & sisters.

I wish they wake up now

I wish they see in the eyes of their sisters and mothers and see the threat of their becoming Nirbhyas due imminent islamic threat

I wish they have no doubt left in their minds as regards the issue of partition based on religion during 1947


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