Date: 01/08/2017

I am perplexed as to what is Modi's government doing when one single fellow a Muslim MP can gather a mob and stage a protest defying the government of India which has given permission for Taslima Nasreen to visit Bharat and turn her back. It is a shame the government has caved into these mobs' demand and intimidation. Have the BJP lost their balls? By right, this fellow should have been arrested and thrown in prison. No individual or group should be allowed to dictate to the government of the day. If anyone or groups have grievances they must submit to the government of the day their grievance through proper channel and find a solution so long such grievance merits consideration. But the entire episode was played out with a show of strength of Muslim superiority and intimidation and the stupid police instead of apprehending the culprits have acceded to their demand which leaves a pertinent question who is running the government, is it the Muslim mobs or the elected party BJP?. If, the police cannot quell issues like this and bring it under control and apprehend the leaders of this mob and throw them in prison then something is wrong with the police force who is suppose to keep law and order.Our police aren't gritty and firm in dispensing their duty. Until such time the government uses a firm hand to put these Muslims mobsters in their place, they will continue to intimidate and demand all kinds favours The government cannot be lenient to these Muslim goondas. If the government of the day cannot firmly show who is in power to these Muslim mobs then they should en-block resign. What difference does it make which party is ruling be it Congress, the Communists or the BJP the Muslim have their way and we Hindus are insignificant. Somehow or other Hindus are with spineless leaders who cannot muster support from their Hindu brothers or even think straight.

Funny Indra Gandhi can declare emergency imposing Marshall law to achieve her goal then why can't Modi Ji do likewise do to correct all the wrong committed by Congress and their goons.

I see dooms day is not far away for the Hindus because so far no able and strong leader with conviction to correct the wrongs committed to Hindus by Gandhi and Nehru has surfaced to redeem the Hindus from the endless pit of humiliation. Sad to say we Hindus are all talk but no action. Most if not all of the Hindus are in deep slumber nothing can disturb them but they shall perish in the false knowledge that all is well.

1 Aug 2017