Date: 03/08/2017


Yes, China was in ruins (1948) due to its devastating civil war while in India (1947) administration, industries, farms & agriculture and all other institutions were in tact and functioning.

Their neglect and ruin began, along with increasing corruption and lawlessness from around 1950 onwards. That era of suffocation, corruption and suppression ended with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi on 21 May 1991.

That date can be taken as the turning point (a historic mile stone) in the destiny of Partitioned India when strangulating hold of Dynasty & Congress Party on the citizens loosened a bit and the era of liberalisation began. But still the best news for people did not arrive till May 2014.

All these facts must be kept in mind when we compare China and India that you have also brought out very well, indeed.

May I mention a few more factors that have kept India BACK when China started moving FORWARD:

1. Partition. China became UNITED while India got BROKEN UP (divided) with major shift in population accompanied by immense loss of talent, expertise and man power. Serious blows also landed on the country's armed forces. They surrendered vast territories that they were supposed, and EXPECTED, to defend till last man, last round!

2. Internal security and stability. There is NO region in China comparable to Jammu & Kashmir State under Article 370. China does not spend so much on INTERNAL SECURITY and law & order as India. China did not send her troops abroad like Indian army fighting the Tamils in Sri Lanka. China did not attack an indigenous community like Operation Blue Star when the whole of East Punjab went under martial law and sealed off to foreign press and reporters.

3. In China the corrupt are promptly hanged to death or executed by firing squad. In India all the corrupt ministers are free without a worry in the world.

4. China has NO region as turbulent and disturbed as our Kashmir. NO CHINESE IS A REFUGEE IN HIS OWN COUNTRY unlike the Kashmiri Pandits in Bharat!

5. The Chinese people are DISCIPLINED unlike the Indians as you have also brought out.

6. China does not have a Fifth Column or a "Second Nation" within its borders like GANDHIAN India's CURSE & NEMESIS, the Muslims.

7. The national HERO of China is the Revolutionary FIGHTER Mao Tse Tung unlike India's semi naked loin cloth clad "Father of Nation", walking with the aid of a stick and two maidens on either side! (What INSPIRATION to our youths, sportsmen/women, and the armed forces, and what "deterrent" to the Pakistanis!)

8. Unlike Partitioned India with seething communal troubles China presents a better picture to the world. Is there a counterpart in Beijing, of JL Nehru University in New Delhi, where dissident students support the enemy rather than their own country?

9. Chinese believe in "BEST FORM OF DEFENCE IS OFFENCE!" Bharat knows this very well in Aksai Chin, Uttarakhand and Arunachal but still sticks to GANDHIAN philosophy that means, "DIE BUT DO NOT RETALIATE!" AND, "Any territory lost to the enemy belongs to the enemy in perpetuity!"

In that collapsed "donkey's" spirit there is NO voice raised by President or Lok Sabha that Partition was unprovoked attack and we WILL retaliate to recover all that territory! NO! What is snatched by the enemy, is GONE! Hindu "devi" abducted, raped or wedded by a Mohammed, too, is GONE FOR GOOD!

Although it is impossible to predict the future but intelligent people can use their brains to FORE-SEE China and India in 2050.

2 Aug 17.** (See below)

NO ONE really believes that Indian maps will be the same in the year 2147 with the borders slicing through Bengal, Assam, Kashmir and Punjab as per Nehru's outlook. So why not do the following:

All maps of India can be the same as up to 1947 but with the borders between Bharat and Bangladesh, and between Bharat and Pakistan, to be shown in dots (not continuous lines).

Do we think the Rashtrapati will approve? Will the printers and publishers agree and comply?