Date: 03/08/2017


Removing those statues of ROTTEN traitors is the first sign of real sovereignty of the PARTITIONED Indian Secular State.

Why don't we see the OTHERS doing this immediately on regime change?

"Are we blind? Are we brain dead?", as some patriots are already questioning!

Let the ONE BILLION Hindus, kept ignorant and in fear, learn something on this topic from the others living on this earth:

The statues of Shah of Iran were smashed within SECONDS of the Ayotullah taking over.

The statues of Marshal Stalin were also broken or removed to forests when the Soviet Union collapsed.

The grand statue of Romanian Presidnet Coucescue was immediately smashed by PEOPLE when he was shot dead for his BETRAYAL of his land of birth. (NB: NEHRU & GANDHI, TOO, BETRAYED INDIA IN 1947! Did they give a call to defend every inch of our sacred soil like the heroic call given by Winston Churchill in 1940?

The statue of Saddam Hussain of Irak was downed with great CHEERS from the masses. And did we not see people hitting it with SHOES (considered great insult in Islam!) and SPITTING on it?

The statue of another dictator Col GADAFFI, too, was broken up and SPAT ON by the liberated LIBYANS.


So, isn't the WHOLE WORLD laughing at the Hindu nation that still cherishes the statues of GANDHI and other "rascals" of DIRTY DYNASTY that broke up India, saw millions of Hindus KILLED and thrown out of their homes, fanned corruption, did scams, divided the nation, separating the Sikhs from the Hindus, imported FOREIGN brides, withheld genuine EDUCATION from people, kept State control over mandirs while letting off the mosques, killed the INITIATIVES and the spirit of enquiry of Hindus, discouraged the Hindu youths in every way and kept the MASSES as "asses" till May 2014 when Shri Narendra Modi rescued Nehru's COOLIE COLONY at last.

And, please go to LITHUANIA and make a point to visit GRUTAS PARK near a town called Druskininkai and see all the statues of the once great and formidable Soviet heroes and heroins dumped in the forest for the tourists from all over the world to come to see and also praise the BRAVE & the PATRIOTIC Lithuanians.

By the way also go there to notice the ubiquitous picture of the Lithuanian hero, sword drawn, riding the horse to battle! Mr MK Gandhi would have collapsed seeing the sword in his hand!

Our Hindu nation, living timidly in the middle fragment of the earlier INDIA (Akhand Bharat with frontier at KHYBER), may not be about to take a bold step yet but there is NO harm in SEEING THE REST OF THE WORLD in order to be INSPIRED! Is there?

Time has come to consign Dynasty, Islam & Congress- and all their statues- in PARTITIONED India to history, and liberate the Hindu nation at last.