Date: 02/09/2017



Ms. Kate Adie,

Senior Reporter,

British Broadcasting Corporation, London.

Re: Memories of Partition of India

Dear Ms Adie,

I am regular listener of your broadcasts, especially that fascinating "From Our Own Correspondents". Today morning's programme was no different. (Saturday, 19 August 2017).

There was a report under “Memories of Partition of India”. The Muslim reporter is to be congratulated for finding the old man who actually killed the Sikhs and Hindus with great zeal and frenzy, He showed his sword with which he had killed countless “infidels” in Rawalpindi. The man was still full of hate, and in excitement stepped out into the street waving his sword as if ever ready to behead any infidel who showed up!

I was waiting for a report from Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Delhi in India on the massacre of MUSLIMS in order to balance the account. But, thankfully, there was none.

I was deeply moved by the account of indiscriminate brutal killing of totally innocent Non Muslims both in Rawalpindi, where my grandparents lived, and from Gujranwala where all my maternal grandparents, aunts and uncles lived, and were massacred.

I owe my survival to my brave mother who brought us safely from MULTAN, where my father practised as a Lawyer, to AMRITSAR via the deserted railway station at Lahore. Miraculously our train made it safely to its destination in India and I lived to tell the tale.

In hindsight, those massacres that cleansed WEST Punjab totally of its Hindus and Sikhs, and in the light of the recent massacres in New York (Sep 11, 2001), Madrid, London, Paris, Nice, Berlin, Manchester, Barcelona and Finland, I have acquired a much better understanding of the mind-set of the devout followers of Mohammed, and their "religion of peace".

Thinking of India, the joy of Independence was totally ruined by Mr Jinnah's demand to partition the country of his own birth in order to create the Islamic State of Pakistan.

Mr Jinnah had stayed and studied in London where he qualified as a barrister-at-law. Yet the civil and tolerant "way of life", for which England is renowned in the whole world, had NO effect whatsoever on the Muslim barrister!

It was absurd to have the new country (Pakistan) in two parts, over a thousand miles apart- from West Pakistan to East Pakistan, through hostile India! And it was even more absurd to suddenly reject secularism and democracy in order to revert back to the 7th century AD in order to subject over 100

million Muslims of the sub continent to the crude and primitive SHARIA Law of the Dark Ages!

The widespread massacres in India had actually started a year earlier in Noakhali district in Bengal in August 1946. The local Muslims were following the call given by "All-India Muslim League" for "direct action" in order to bully the Indian leaders into submission. Unfortunately the Indian leaders (Gandhi and Nehru) got totally bullied in mortal fear, and even “stopped breathing” in terror!

Islam prevailed while secularism, democracy and women's dignity "died". Indian (Hindu) leaders were too terror-stricken to ask for Referendum or ensure "clean" peaceful transfer of population.

PEOPLE perished in their millions for the sin of trusting their own top leaders! Mohammed Ali Jinnah suddenly declared, "In Pakistan there will be NO Hindu or Muslim but all Pakistanis, enjoying equal rights as citizens!"

On our side the so-called Mahatma, Mr. MK GANDHI, assured the minorities in the West, and the East, with these famous word, "STAY PUT WHEREVER YOU ARE. INDIA WILL BE CUT (PARTITIONED) OVER MY DEAD BODY!"

In the event when the new borders were declared Gandhi had NO breath left in his body to say, “RESIST!” or even “RUN!” He had the warrior Sikhs to RETALIATE! (Earlier, Lahore had been the capital of the powerful Sikh Kingdom until 1849).

Hundreds of thousands of brave Sikh soldiers had come home after the end of World War2 in 1945. They were an excellent fighting force to defend India's frontier at Khyber Pass. But both Gandhi and Nehru had their own reasons NOT to arm the Sikhs to fight for the righteous cause, that is, DEFEND secularism, democracy and TERRITORY!

In the event both Jinnah and Gandhi proved to be LIARS. The result was BETRAYAL of India by them and the massacre of nearly TWO MILLION innocent citizens and the FORCED migration of over 15 million for whom neither government was prepared for proper reception and rehabilitation.

To understand the mind of the Indian Muslims in 1947, one needs to read what Winston Churchill wrote about the “dreadful curses of Mohammedanism” in his 1899 book The River Wars.




19 Aug 2017