Date: 03/09/2017

Thank you, Sir. I fully agree with "MERA BHARAT MAHAN".
While MOST people say this PARROTWISE, let us look at the responsibility that comes with it when we say, "MERA BHARAT MAHAN".
A country is "mahan" that can "tame" its wild MUSLIMS and bring them in line with the rest.
A country is "mahan" in which every Non Muslim knows the peace of Buddha, Guru Nanak and Jesus Christ but also the killer "Jehadi" stuck in the psyche of Mohammed of Mecca.

A country is "mahan" that can defend its BORDERS and citizens.
A country is "mahan" in which its daughters do NOT fear to be assaulted, abducted and RAPED but can expect respect & dignity at all times.

A country is "mahan" where its own citizens are NOT refugees in their own country.
A country is "mahan" where there is ONE Law for all its citizens and also ONE Constitution for all its States, Provinces, Counties, Cantons and "Laender".

A country is "mahan" where a citizen showing INITIAITVE is encouraged by State but no restricted, intimidated, discouraged or hindered.
A country is "mahan" where the SOLDIERS are respected and their VICTORIES celebrated.

A country is "mahan" whose CONSTITUTION is written in accordance with its own historical development, movements, social upheavals and ethos but not a copy of some Western (foreign) model.
A country is "mahan" whose Constitution is the proof of its own STRENGTH and a guarantee of its SURVIVAL.

A country is "mahan" where NO place of worship of any community is in a state of RUIN (like Ayodhya).
A country is "mahan" where the victories are celebrated and defeats acknowledged and commemorated in public to learn lessons for the future.

A country is "mahan" where the NATIVE Divinity ("son or daughter" of God) is regarded higher (superior or more important) than all the rest, but NOT at par with, or inferior to, the ones born abroad.
A country is "mahan" where the traitors are identified, condemned in public & abused but not honoured.

A country is "mahan" where the corrupt are punished, but not allowed to enjoy their ill gotten wealth.
A country is "mahan" whose MASSES are not considered "ASSES" by their rulers (or leaders) but given a say in vital issues such as (1) PARTITION and (2) the Constitutional status of MUSLIMS after conceding them PAKISTAN!

A country is "mahan" whose MAJORITIY community is not seen bashed, battered and beaten (even slaughtered & raped) in broad daylight by a vicious intolerant, violent and separatist MINORITY.
A country is "mahan" where all, without exception, call a NATIVE woman "Rashtramata", not an Italian!

Finally, a country is "Mahan" if there is a MEMORIAL TO THE DEAD OF PARTITION. (In the case of Bharat we expect it to be RAJ GHAT or the RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN.)

Please convey this to all, including the Rashtrapati, if we really wish to see Bharat "mahan"!
Let us NOT accept that "bogus" Partition like "jackals" nor say "Mera Bharat Mahan" like PARROTS. It hits common sense and our self-esteem really hard.