Date: 03/09/2017

It doesn't take a genius to conclude that Modi is in pocket of Americans and Jews!
He is doing their bidding. The Americans have been pressing Myanmar to take these refugees back their last Secretary of State conveyed this firmly during his visit. But military backed Myanmar Government is clear they are not acceptable there since over the years ethnic clashes have become serious threat to national security. Buddhists are clear they won't have them. It's obvious that without Mr Modi's Clearance these refugees could not have been plonked in a sensitive border state .its madness and seeding a national security crisis that too by government itself! The consequences of this can be very grave. What is behind this is any ones guess. More alarming is that no one from either Lok Sabha or the coterie of ministers has raised any voice . It is a deep seated plot ! Not unexpected the errand runner Gen VK Singh is too proving his worth by his silence. There is need for taking the government to task. This is what happens when nation becomes blind eyed to personality cult Modi seems pushed every one into a trance no one is questioning him he doesn't take questions.