Date: 08/09/2017


When the Prime Minsiter of Bharat placed FLOWERS and offered homage at the grave of discredited last Mogul emperor of Hindusthan, Bahadur Shah Zafar, earlier this week, there was astonishment among his Buddhist hosts.

They had read the history of Hindusthan rather well and knew how terrible the Moguls had been to the crushed & enslaved natives of Bharat, the HINDUS.

The Burmese read in their school text books how the cruel Moguls destroyed the magnificent Hindu temple in Ayodhya. Previously the Mohammedans had targeted the grand temples in Somnath, Varanasi and even Mathura. They deprived the natives of the joy of worshipping freely.

The hated Moguls not only FORCED their crude Islam ("four wives & amputation of limbs, etc.) on the civilised natives but also imposed JEZIA tax to impoverish the infidels (Kafirs) even more. Many poor Hindus CONVERTED to Islam simply to escape this Islamic tax.

There was one particularly hated Mogul who regularly demanded Rajput princesses to be delivered to his palace for his sex at night. We expect Modiji to condemn him by naming him! Isn't the world condemning Hitler day and night?

The Burmese do know of "Johar" (self immolation by jumping into blazing FIRE) committed by honourable & proud Rajput women at Chitod, not once but THREE times after their menfolk perished in battles against the Moguls.

How beastly cruel the Moguls could be, is seen from the manner of killing the two younger (minor) sons of Guru Gobind Singhji.

And the Buddhists of Myanmar also know why Guru Tegh Bahadur came down to Delhi to plead with the Mogul Emperor of that time for the Hindus' freedom to worship but was BEHEADED to warn and terrify all the Hindus on earth. And everybody did get terrified and wept and cried behind closed doors NOT TO CATCH THE MOGUL'S EYE!

In Myanmar there is no unofficial or official ban on the word "PARTITION" (India's most humiliating unconditional surrender in history). They all know particularly well when thousands of Hindus were massacred in nearby Noakhali in August 1946, and why. Hundreds of terrified Hindus then escaped to Myanmar (then Burma) for safety and recorded their statements with the authorities!

Although the Indian "COOLIE MEDIA" has kept the nation IGNORANT of Partition and the plight of Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh, the Burmese have been watching closely as to how the Hindus have been PERISHING in next door Bangladesh!

So one can imagine how the Government of Myanmar and all the Buddhists living in that country looked at this humble, self effacing gesture of "nishkam sewak" Modiji in the mazar of the Mogul in Rangoon.

8 Sep 17
PS: A patriot said, "To win the hearts & minds of the Buddhists, including AUNG SAN SUU KYI, our Modiji has to pay homage to the two tall STATUES OF BUDDHA destroyed by the direct descendants of the Moguls, in Bamyan, Afghanistan."