Date: 15/09/2017

Please watch this video. It will be time NOT ONLY WELL SPENT BUT (HINDU) LIFE SAVING.

Those who call for keeping the Muslims in PARTITIONED India do NOT realise, or even care, to realise that their beloved India was MUTILATED in 1947 to provide a separate HOMELAND for the INDIAN Muslims.

They did not share your love or adoration of Gandhi. They HATED GANDHI & YOU to the extent that they even murdered, abducted and raped the Hindus and Sikhs WHO WERE ACTUALLY FLEEING THEIR HOMES! What kind of venom can this ISLAM be for the Hindus, regarded Infidels and KAFIRS, meant to be killed. enslaved (under Sharia Law) or converted?

PleaseTHROW OUT GANDHI from your minds and replace the space by Sri Ram, Shivaji or even GURU GOBIND SINGHJI. They are our TRUE gods while Gandhi was a FALSE god planted so cleverly & craftily by those who wish to see DELHI, too, under the Islamic flag.

BEWARE! All these "Gandhian do-gooders and pseudo-secularists will SURRENDER Delhi, too, when the Islamic ONSLAUGHT develops. Delhi will fall like the Citadel of Secularism & Peace, the ROCK of Stability, called "LAHORE".

Just see your mandir or gurdwara. Just look at your daughters and sisters. Just look at your homes. And FOR ALL THESE throw out the defeated crushed Gandhian mentallity that was INVITATION to Muslim aggression then, and STILL IS.

It is not violation of any pc to write this but in SELF DEFENCE of Hindus that is our BIRTH RIGHT. Please show the guts to at least defend your birth right!

ROHINGYA MUSLIMS must be sent to ISLAMIC countries but NOT to non Muslim countries, especially India that has alraady PAID THE PRICE (one third of its TERRITORY) for having ISLAM in her.

Talk about PARTITON. Teach your children about PARTITION. Insist on PARTITION being part of school curriculum. THINK OF PARTITION DAY AND NIGHT. That was NOT a sudden ideological ERUPTION like the NAZIS or the Soviet Union that rose and FELL. Islam has ONLY EXPANDED and has NOWHERE been pushed back. It's PERMANET, since it has existed not ONE CENTURY but FOURTEEN centuries. So it is eternal or so long as the word "KAFIR" is seen in it.

One can gamble with his money and possessions but NOT WITH THE LIVES OF HIS FAMILY OR COUNTRY. By having ISLAM in Bharat the Hindus are gambling with their lives. Please study each and every ISLAMIC country and ask one simple question: "What happened to the ORIGINAL inhabitants?" One should know the answer: "THEY WERE EXTERMINATED WHEN ISLAM ENTERED."

No need to go far: Look at the Hindu population of EAST Bengal before and after Partition. Look at the SIKH population of LAHORE before and after Partition.

For GOD'S SAKE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO DELHI. We have brains to foresee the APOCALYPTIC tragedy for the REST of Bharat! Not Sarkar but PEOPLE (all Hindus) must stand UNITED for the final defence of our "Dharti, Dhann, Dharma, Dhyaan and Daughters" (that is, TERRITORY, WEALTH, DHARMA, SPIRIT, FAITH & MORALE & our MOTHERS, SISTERS AND DAUGHTERS)!


PS: It is NOT scare mongering or alarmist. In 1940 anyone who prophesied the fate of LAHORE in 1947, was called a "FOOL". In the event the fool lived to see the inevitable while those wise souls never made it to see Nehru's "glow of freedom" or Gandhi's glory!