Date: 16/09/2017


Nehru KNEW WELL that the surrender of one third of India to “Brother” Jinnah without a single condition or referendum was HIGH TREASON for which he could be hanged to death, or executed by firing squad. His BETRAYAL of “Akhand Bharat”, that stretched from KHYBER PASS to CHITTAGONG, was as big as the Himalayas. And he also insisted on keeping the Muslims in Partitioned India! His Constitution neither notices Partition or the Muslims! (It amounted to High Treason TWICE!).

So he had to “drown” any suspicion arising in anyone’s mind by incessant PROPAGANDA about “Gandhiji’s great “satyagrahas” and his brave struggles to chase the mighty British out of India, and the celebrations of Independence of India by grand parades and impressive speeches.

Kashmir “DISPUTE” was godsend to Nehru to divert the attention to the new threat to Integrity of India. Many believe that Pakistan let loose her "wild tribesmen", supported by men of her regular army, on Nehru’s personal request to JINNAH in order to divert attention from Partition.

The invasion of Kashmir attracted the full attention of the Indian “coolie” media, with MUSLIM Ministers of Information & Broadcasting, and there was the talk of “KASHMIR BACHAAO!”.

None dared ask the great autocrat, NEHRU, “Why did you not save LAHORE?”

It is amazing to recall now as to how the whole nation was duped into believing that the surrender of Srinagar was unacceptable while the surrender of Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar and Dhaka was not worth a thought or mention!

Anyone, who is seen as a Hindu LEADER today, ought to deal with this Grand Deception by Nehru and show guts & courage to ask, “HOW DID HE GET AWAY WITH IT?”.

Is it not time now to EXPOSE the fraud of Partition in order to set the record straight and consign Nehru to garbage pit, perhaps along with the bogus Mahatma who put “Nehru on throne but sent Netaji into exile (wilderness)"?

16 Sep 17
Please pass on if you think “Bharat Mata” was betrayed by Nehru & (“Dirty”) Co.