Date: 27/09/2017


From Karachi up to North Kashmir. Then from Sylhet down to Chittagong!
It’s a FACT that the Hindus are being ELIMINATED in India (Hindusthan) and their LANDS grabbed according to the Law of Nature that says, “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!”. We never bothered to discuss the greatest unconditional surrenders of TERRITORY in 1947.

There seems to be a universal conspiracy against the Hindus. It is not happening by accident or by the Will of Almighty. If anything, the Will of Almighty was to keep us SLAVES for over a thousand years to be massacred, raped, beheaded and made to work like slaves by all the foreign masters from 712 AD till 2014 AD.

And when we ended up with "freedom from the British" we had to exchange freedom of Delhi by slavery of Lahore.

Five provinces of our Motherland had to be surrendered to the indigenous MUSLIMS unconditionally to prevent civil war, or to “buy” peace from the indigenous Muslims!

For some time after Partition we were intelligent enough to notice that “Islam is like gangrene or cancer. Wherever it increases the LIMB of the body has to be SEVERED (cut off).”
But our eyes were open only for a short time since the overwhelming non-stop State propaganda declared the Muslims our “brothers” and MK Gandhi was vocal with “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!” The nation forgot the bitter reality, and the EXTREME DANGER, of having MUSLIMS in our midst even in Partitioned India, and DESPITE PARTITION!

A consequent of that bogus freedom was the ever present threat of a revolt or civil war since the “Fifth Column” that was kept back deliberately by Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU was greater than the ENEMIES in India before Partition!

On top of that Nehru ordered “cease fire” in Kashmir to DEGRADE our Army by denying them the thrill of victory. And then he gave a SEPARATE CONSTITUTION to J & K State, the envy of all the "THIRD CLASS" rotten SPINELESS native Hindu/Sikh chief ministers.

Hindus ought to notice the ENCIRCLEMENT of Hindusthan that is taking place for their "FINAL SOLUTION". The “final solution” (Hindu Holocaust) is not fantasy if the same took place before the eyes of all the world in East Bengal in 1946 and West Punjab in 1947. TENS OF MILLIONS were wiped out. There was not ONE HUNDREDTH of concern shown to the Hindus then AND SINCE, than all the uproar about the Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. Can't we see the world DISCRIMINATION and PREJUDICE against the Hindus?

Where was the UNO when Indians were kicked out of UGANDA (1972) and FIJI (1987)? None championed their right to return home!

We have brains to THINK, not only eyes to see, that the UNO is part of that global anti Hindu conspiracy that dishonestly insists on Myanmar taking back her Muslims who were sent there by the British masters in the 18th century AD to work for them and later to create an ISLAMIC republic just like Bangladesh today.

A metaphorical GREAT WALL of ISLAM is being built around Hindusthan in the shape of a giant arch. It starts in KARACHI on Arabian Sea, goes up through Quetta and Peshawar into NORTH KASHMIR and then after the gap of (Hindu) NEPAL, it continues down at the other end, starting from SYLHET, going down to CHITTAGONG on Bay of Bengal.

Since the impoverished (Hindu) NEPAL is being "dissolved" rapidly, the chances are that even this gap will be closed within the next 70 years.

Can we not foresee the fate of the surviving Hindus, thus encircled, thus surrounded, “delivered” to their ideological KILLERS, who have been pursuing their own “JEHAD” from Noakhali (East Bengal) in August 1946?

With escape routes closed in all directions, the only manner of escape for the fleeing Hindus will be to jump in the Indian Ocean to drown since Sri Lanka will refuse entry or asylum to those escaping from the North!