Date: 29/09/2017

Dear patriots,
The small Buddhist country that was once part of India, is being “hammered” day and night by the world to take back her MUSLIMS, now in Bangladesh.
Of course NONE of the Islamic republics is willing to accept even one fellow Muslim.
We expected Bharat to show support to Myanmar. They will be our REAL friends when the breakaway Islamic republics on either side “open fire” on Hindusthan any time in the future with an uprising WITHIN.

29 Sep 17

The Daily Telegraph

Please refer to the letter in today’s Daily Telegraph on the subject.
Most “experts” in the West have absolutely NO idea of ground realities in South Asia but step out to condemn Myanmar.
Do they recall that Bangladesh was once part of India but had to go because of her Muslim majority.
Do they (including UNO) recall the reason of India’s BLOODY Partition in 1947 that claimed TWO MILLION lives and caused forced evacuation of 15 million refugees?
Would Myanmar not be afraid to have a Muslim majority pocket, next to Bangladesh, that can only promise civil unrest, violence, revolt and finally Partition?
To assure the Buddhists of Myanmar Bangladesh itself has to ensure safety of the Hindus and Buddhists living in it. As we know the Hindu population in Bangladesh is being squeezed out and so, too, the Buddhist population in Chittagong district in Bangladesh.
Wouldn’t it be better for the Rohingya Muslims to settle down in any ISLAMIC country? Why is there NO volunteer for fellow Muslims? Is there a hidden agenda? Is there a dark wish to destabilise Myanmar like INDIA in 1947?

Yours truly
PS: Refugee from West Punjab in 1947 when it went under Islamic flag on August 15, 1947.
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