Date: 30/09/2017



After a lapse of THOUSAND years the much awaited auspicious day arrived when the Prime Minister of Bharat could ignore pc, cast aside fear, and attend the Dussehra celebration in person.

Full credit to Mr Modi for his inspiring address at the “Luv Kush Ram-Lila Grounds”, New Delhi, on the significance of VICTORY OVER EVIL that Dussehra represents.

Away from the black smoke of historic DEFEAT and SURRENDER of 1947 under the watch of Gandhi and Nehru, the FREE & PROUD Hindu prime minister celebrated the RELIGIOUS festival, liberating himself from the Shackles of INHIBITION and fear. It seemed that "HINDU RASHTRA" has descended.

CONGRATULATIONS to the NATIVES of Hindusthan who celebrated Dussehra today (30th. Sep 2017) and honoured Sri Ram, Sita and Laxman who fought bravely for the righteous cause and KILLED the demon.

But did we not see another RAVANA in 1947 who attacked Hindusthan and captured vast territories and hoisted his own flag, a slavish import from Mecca in Arabia? Was it not the victory of evil over right? Is it not proper for the demoralised defeated nation to recover its breath and guts, and commemorate “Partition” in a suitable manner? But how?

We suggest that a NEW DUSSEHRA should be started at once by all Hindu leaders where three effigies are erected and then BURNT after dramatizing the scene of “Partition negotiations” in the presence of the Viceroy, on August 15 every year.

The three “demons” to be burnt every year, in perpetuity, will be-

Mohammed Ali JINNAH representing Ravana

Jawaharlal NEHRU representing Kumbh Karan, and

Mohandas Karamchand GANDHI representing Meghdoot.

This is a serious suggestion in view of the Himalayan sized Betrayal and High Treason committed against their own PEOPLE and the LAND of their own birth by these “swine” who put self-interest ABOVE patriotism and weal of the nation.

Let us see the wisdom, guts and patriotism of our LEADERS who should make sure that the SECOND Dussehra is celebrated once a year, EVERY YEAR, from today. One can easily see the advantages of such a move.

70 years is a long time to remain crushed and scared not even to mention Partition or mourn the "DEATH" of Akhand Bharat, leave aside reminding the nation of the evil deed in order to draw INSPIRATION to undo the bogus Partition that not only kept the Muslims back as Nehru’s “sons-in-law” (and “Bapu’s children”) but also inflicted a pseudo-secular Constitution on the ignorant unsuspecting HINDU nation.


30 Sep 17