Date: 01/10/2017

Something disturbed me yesterday when I switched on a Pakistani TV channel for news. They were showing Muharram and Tazia and the crowds beating their bodies with knives and chains.

“Where could they be?” I guessed they were in Irak or Arabia where the relatives of Mohammed were fighting the “infidels” but got killed at Karbala.

But when I learnt that it was Multan, Kasur and Lahore in my own PUNJAB, where I was born and where the “idiots” prevailed in 1947, killing, destroying, raping the Infidels, I gathered courage and assumed a form that made me invisible. But I could still see and speak.

Like a sparrow I landed on the shoulder of a Punjabi Mohammedan wailing and grieving for the Arabs, and spoke into his right ear. I asked,

“Who are you wailing and grieving for?” In his frenzy he did not even look as to who had spoken but like a Zombie replied, “The martyrs of Karbala who were killed so mercilessly by the enemy!”

I pressed home a series of questions into his ear,

1. Were they from your country?

2. Did they speak the language of your mother?

3. Were they your race? I mean were they Brown like you Punjabis?

To all the three questions he replied in trance, “NO, NO, NO.”

I pressed on with the courage of the proverbial “lion of Punjab”:

“You fool, if you have to wail and grieve, here is the long list from your own soil, your own land of birth and from your own ancestors who were Brown like you but NOT White like the Arabs, and above all, who spoke the language that your own mother speaks!”

The fool was so ignorant that he asked me, “Name a few who spoke the language of my mother, were the same race as me, and were martyred in utmost brutal and savage manner.” I spoke of-

1. Two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji who were bricked in alive to suffocate and die in pitch dark space.

2. Their two elder brothers who were fighting for their freedom from foreign invaders and oppressors. The younger of the two was even denied a sip of water but told to go to battle where he was killed.

3. Guru Tegh Bahadur, who was a non violent unarmed saint who merely went down to Delhi to plead with the Muslim Emperor, with heart of stone, to spare the Hindus in Kashmir from forcible conversions.

4. Guru Arjun Devji, who was tortured to death in most savage manner by those who read Koran and used the sword all over, to kill the innocent natives of soil, the Hindus, and abduct and rape the native girls with impunity.”

“Stop!” he said, “Enough! I never realized my stupidity to weep and cry for the Arabs while neglecting my own people, my own race, my own ancestors!”

We believe he is no more a Muslim. Like millions of other INDIAN Muslims, he was on the wrong side, crying for total strangers while neglecting the martyrs of his own race, colour and country.

The next day there were some VOLUNTARY conversions across Bharat. The wailing grieving Muslim in Ayodhya cut his link to Mecca and Koran, but swore loyalty to Sri Ram. Instead of Koran he is reading Gita and Granth now.

The Muslim in Multan, crying and wailing for Hassan and Hussain, became the followers of Guru Nanak Devji and was so happy and relieved to hear the music in gurdwara and listen to Sri Guru Granth Sahib that was composed in the local, native language that his own ancestors (NOT his Arab masters) spoke.

Hindusthan is the Land of Prophets, and an INDIAN, be he Muslim or Christian, will find something suitable to satisfy his quest for salvation. Above all, his god, goddess or Prophet will be the same race, colour and civilisation. None can say, “I am the offspring of an ancestor who was given the choice, Islam or DEATH?, and the despicable coward converted to Islam!”

Yes, INDIAN Muslims, you can come back to any one of the religions that sprang from the soil of Hindusthan and cast off the ideological ”leprosy” of Colonial and Islamic eras. This will ensure PEACE and redouble PROSPERITY of the country called Hindusthan or Bharat.

1 Oct 17