Date: 10/10/2017


The former of Guru Gobind Singhji (April 13, 1699 AD)* and the latter the unscrupulous stooges & servants of the treacherous All-India Congress Party, the PARTY OF PARTITION (that signed the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and East Bengal without any reason or referendum in 1947) in “Broken” Bharat.


1. Baldev Singh did not object to the Partition of Punjab nor to the unconditional surrender of Sri Nankana Sahib, the sacred birth place of the First Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Devji, and other historic Gurdwaras in West Punjab that were handed over to the Islamic State of Pakistan. That surrender was like the surrender of MECCA to the State of Israel!

2. Zail Singh, the so-called Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Froces, who did NOTHING to stop the unprovoked malicious army assault on Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984, nor did anything to stop the widespread massacres of thousands of innocent Sikhs across India in October/November, 1984.

3 & 4. Generals Dyal and Brar of the (mercenary) INDIAN ARMY for attacking the Sikhs’ Holiest Shrine, the internationally reputed and respected Golden Temple in Amritsar with tanks and artillery guns. That army attack (Operation "Blue Star") was the brainchild of MAIMOONA BEGUM, the Muslim convert prime minister of Partitioned India who still called herself "Indira Gandhi" to FOOL her Hindu subjects who thought she was a goddess!

5. Manmohand Singh for not demanding exemplary punishment to the corrupt & communal Congressi cabinet ministers who were criminally involved in the massacre of innocent Sikhs in Delhi, and beyond, and for not giving any compensation to the victims (widows and orphans) of the widespread massacres of Sikhs in 1984 and for calling the proud and honourable Canadian Sikhs "terrorists".

Here we see the LIONS, who grew up in independent political climate and the "RATS" who grew up under the anti national dictatorial dynastic Rule by Nehru and his offspring (Dynasty) that turned democracy into farce and instead of respecting ballot, used BULLETS to intimidate and terrify the citizens of India.

Under them (Nehru Dynasty) the natives became slaves once again and the great Indian army was reduced to be despicable MERCENARY force that acted and fought for the Corrupt Dynasty instead of country. While their first and foremost challenge was to recover North Kashmir from illegal occupation by Pakistani raiders, they turned their guns on the TAMILS in Sri Lanka and the SIKHS in EAST Punjab!

Not a single Indian army soldier appeared in Uganda and Fiji when the Indians there were given the BOOT and expelled by the dictators (Col Idi Amin and Col Rabuka respectively).

Sikhs in Canada are fortunate to live in a free country and to breathe free air instead of the stale stinking air of slavery and fear in Partitioned India and under timid “Gandhian” ruling establishment that has failed to provide safety and security even to the HINDUS (the majority community) in South Kashmir, West Bengal and Kerala State.

* The original five beloved Panj Pyare played a vital role in the shaping of Sikh history and defining Sikhism. Guru Gobind Singh asked for volunteers ready to give their heads. Five courageous men answered the call. The guru initiated them into the order of Khalsa, a sect of sant saphai, or saint soldiers. These spiritual warriors vowed not only to fight adversaries on the battlefield but to combat the inner enemy egoism with humility through service to humanity and abolishing caste. They performed the original Amrit Sanchar, or Sikh initiation ceremony, baptizing Guru Gobind Singh and then about 80,000 others on Vaisakhi of 1699.