Date: 10/10/2017

Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh are being persecuted under Sharia Law. But when they look at MOTHER country INDIA, they find neither hope nor succour. SHAME on COWARDLY India!

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY of ensuring Hindus' safety in the Islamic republics that were part of India till 1947 rests with the Government of India, that is the MOTHER country.
Government of India should be approached to show courage and decency to stand up for these wretched minorities there who were BETRAYED by India when those territories were surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY, that is, without any rhyme or reason or referendum since the MUSLIMS IN INDIA were not required to move to their newly created HOMELAND.

It should also be realised and acknowledged that the surviving Hindus there are a tiny residue still surviving there when the vast majority of Hindus there were either SLAUGHTERED or EXPELLED by threat or force at the time of that (bogus) Partition.

11 Oct 17