Date: 20/10/2017


Dear Sirs,

1. In the life of our nation, that is Bharat, Muslims have treated us brutally, mentally and physically for nearly 900 years. They all came as invaders, looted us, took our wealth, women and children, converted Hindus, forcibly to Islam. They destroyed our cultural heritage, religious books and temples and then on the broken temple sites, they built their monuments, like Babri Masjid etc. Very few Hindus resisted them, effectively. These are historical facts and documented.

2. There was NO combined resistance by Hindus as there was NO unity amongst them. Disunity amongst, Hindus was the main reason for our defeats after defeats.

3. Then came Britishers and they ruled us for two hundred years. They did the same what Muslims did, to us. They robed our nation, converted Hindus to Christianity, destroyed our culture, introduced new education system to ensure that we were their slaves, massacred us after during the war of Independence,1857.They created famine situation in Bengal during WWII, and lakhs of people died. They divided our country into India and Pakistan, with more land given to Pakistan with connivance with some congress Indian leaders and we, Hindus, as slaves mentality, meekly accepted.

4. 3.After Independence we were ruled for nearly 65 years by Muslim dynasty, known as Nehru and Gandhi (Indira etc.) family--- and Congress party .Congress party and its Muslim leaders and politicians deliberately allowed corers of Bangladeshi Muslim to infiltrate into India and were allowed to settle them formally by issuing documents. This was to create vote bank. The Indian constitution made by them was against Hindus. Other reasons to substantiate the claim that we were ruled by Muslims, and Muslim favoring Congress party, and favored Pakistan, after partition, are as under:

During partition, Hindus who were in Pakistan were persuaded by M K Gandhi and Nehru to remain in Pakistan, clearly knowing that eventually this Hindu population will be eliminated. This happened

Perusing and requesting by MKG and Nehru that Muslim population should stay in Indian , instead of migrating to Pakistan, the country they demanded ,knowing well that eventually Muslims( as per tenants of Islam) will dominate in affairs of India and Hindus, which is happening.

Nehru, took the J & K issue to UNO, in spite of Indian Army was winning and IA, wanted just one week more, to capture whole of J & K . Result is that this problem is still on our back.

During 1971 war, Indira Gandhi returned one lakh Pakistan PWO just on a platter, instead of hard bargaining.

Terrorist were released in exchange of abducted Muslims related VIP Muslim Politicians. This was staged managed. Terrorist were also released as a good will gesture towards Pakistan.

Indo Pak water treaty was heavily skewed towards benefit of Pakistan.

(Thus Nehru, Indira Gandhi helped Pakistan. )

Laws were passed favoring Muslim. Appointment of Sachhar committee was aimed to help Muslims to show their “plight”, and then showering on Muslim various financial grants.

Flourishing of Madarsas, legal and illegal, aided by foreign countries, were neglected by Congress government, even it was known that illegal anti national lessons were taught to the students.

Prominent Hindu political leaders were harassed / jailed/ eliminated, like Savarkar, Shama Prasad Mukerjee, Modi ets. Even Hindu leaders from Congress party, who were threat to Gandhi family, were eliminated.

Looted our wealth .The examples being G2 and so many corruptions scams. This includes Bofor scam, which is now connected with favores and help from Pakistan by the then, PM Rajiv Gandhi. Corers of rupees were offered to keep Gandhi family name out of bofor scam. This is the latest revelation.( Source—Republic TV news since 17 Oct 2017)

Officially announcing that minorities (Muslims and Christians) have first right to the recourses of India, by then PM , Manahan Singh, who was puppet of Sonia Gandhi.

Passing law that Hindu temples will be managed by govt and the income from temple was used for helping in running madarasa and subsidizing Haj.

Allowing to have many radical Muslims pockets, as localities, in Major cities of Indian known as “ Mini Pakistan”.

Generally assisting Muslims and Christian particularly Muslims to spread their religion, to increase their voters. The methods allowed were conversion of Hindus by force/coercion or bribing them, and allowing illegal Muslim migrants into India, and assisting them to settle them in India

Neglecting offensive utterance s of Muslim political leaders and Muslim religious leaders, against India, Hindu Gods, and Hindu culture. At times utterance were “ to eliminate Hindus and making this country a Muslim country.”

Allowing increase of Muslim population to increase by various means.

Favoring Muslim festivals for their celebrations and curbing celebrating Hindus festivals by various methods, by passing illegal laws and orders

Not taking firm action against Muslim anti Indian Muslin organization on some pretext. The main excuse put forward is “ the law take its own course”. At times, the Judiciary institutions are also favouring Muslims unwarranted cause.

Granting favors financially or otherwise to Muslims.

t)Congress leaders( Rahul Gandhi, Mani Shankar Aier, Ex Vice President of India, who is Muslim, Ex foreign Minister of India who is Muslim Home Minister Shinde, all from Congress party,) publically stated that Hindus are greater threat than Muslim Terrorist and Naxilites.

t)Congress govt never restored demolished Hindu temples, never changed Muslim names of cities and streets.

u) Congress and Muslim dynasty(Nehru and Indira Gandhi )fudged the correct history of our nation.

V)Draft bill prepared by Sonia Gandhi and congress party, known as Prevention of communal and Targeted violence bill(PCTV Bill), which was most dangerous bill for Hindus. Luckily it got shelved due to election. Please read the attachment about this bill. You will be horrified.(A MUST READ) ( and also read Mr N Modi’s,the then CM Gujarat, letter to the then PM Manmohan Singh, on this subject Attached.)

(There are so many more instances that Nehru, Gandhi family and Congress party favored Muslims)

4. At this stage it is relevant to mention that conversation of Hindus to Muslim and Christianity is continuing systematically, with, planned deliberations and efforts. The examples are in W Bengal and , Kerala. NE states are completely converted into Christanity.This has happened when congress was ruling by Muslims leaders and Christian leaders (Sonia Gandhi). In this connection, a relevant remark, stated by Swami Vivekananda is worth remembering. Swami Vivekananda had rightly said, “For every convert, that is lost to Hinduism, it is not just one lost, but one more enemy to Hinduism. Conversion is Perversion”.

5. Indian Muslim loyalty is first to Mecca and Indian Christian first loyalty is to Rome. This is true. We all are experiencing it.

The tenets of Islam and Christens are that their religion is superior to other religion and hence other religion must be destroyed. If one reads Koran, all tenants indicate that they are against Hindus and they want to have Islam state in India, that is Dar –e- Islam(Land of Islam)

5. On this subject, an abstract of Swami Vivekananda (12 Jan 1863—4 Jul 1902) address to the youth of Madras was earlier forwarded to all. Please study that again you will find that, his views are still relevant.

6.. Hindus must understand that, if Hindus are eliminated or this countries is take over by Muslim, or Congress, in a democratic ways( majority of votes) this nation will suffer as under:--

(a) There will be no more democracy.

(b)India will be ruled by Sharyat law. ISIS and Caliphate will rule India. Hindus will be slaves again.

(c)Hindu/Hindu culture will be destroyed (as happened in Pakistan and Bangladesh) and Hindus will be treated as they were treated in History, by Muslims and Christians..

( d) All Hindu women will be treated as sex slaves.

( e) There will be no Human Right activities as HR activitist will be eliminated

(g) The so called “intellectuals, think tanks, reformers, liberals, communists, and secularists” will Not exist, as they will be eliminated. No one will exist to conduct

award“vapasi.”All will be silenced.

(h) Judiciary will be committed to Islamic law.

(i) Prevention of communal and Targeted violence bill(PCTV Bill)

, which was most dangerous bill for Hindus, will be introduced on priority. Then Hindus will be really slaves.(Re-read the attachment)

7. Do Hindus want this to happen?

8.Grand plans were/are already on drawing board to convert this nation into Islam by Nehru and Gandhi family( who were Muslim and now half Muslim and half Christian—which is more dangerous). They are supported by ,Indian Muslim leaders/politicians , Political parties , and personalities sympathetic to Muslim and Christian, with foreign connection and financial and moral support from them. Certain political parties like, Congress, TMC, and Communist, have already started condemning and defaming Indian Defenses forces. These parties are aware that only this institution will be standing against their design.

9. India is general and Hindus in particular are facing serious problems. The solutions are :--

(a) The foremost solution to above problems is that all Hindus must unite, immediately. Unfortunately, presently, ---- Char HINDU ek dishame Tabhi Chalte Hai, Jab Pachva KANDHE par Ho," Yah Hamari Kamjori Hai. (Four Hindus walk in one direction only when, the fifth is being carried on their shoulder, for cremation.--- This is Hindus weakness)We ought to change this.

(b) Make aware how Hindus were treated and the forces bent upon destroying Hindu religion and Hindu culture. Educate all Hindus.

( c) Understand teaching/tenants of Koran and Bible, which are against idea of Hindu religion, and our nation.

(d ) Electe the Govt or a party,that has capacity to look after interest of Hindus and India as a country. Presently, in the present environment, it is BJP only. All other than BJP, are anti Hindu, and will be eager to get Prevention of communal and Targeted violence bill (PCTV Bill), passed.
(e)Let’s not fool ourselves on the Hindu concept of: ---

(i) secularism(ii) Vasudev Kutukakam--world is one family(iii)Athiti Deva Bhav--Guest (like Bangladeshi Muslims,Rohingya Muslims) are like God.(iv) All religions are same(v)Ahinsa parmo dharan--Non violence is the best policy.

(f) Do not have slave mentality. Have courage to face the danger. Some casualties will be there. In war we suffer some casualties that do not mean we run away.

11. Can we do this? Yes we can. We have the ability to 12. Let me wish you all a very happy Diwali. One never knows, with Hindus’ wrong attitude, decision, and Action, after 5 or 10 years, even wishing happy Diwali will be an offence !!

--- Major General (Dr) V S Karnik (Veteran) PhD(management)

(19 Oct 2017 )

NB We are most grateful to the learned author of the above contribution to raise our awareness.