Date: 21/10/2017


“Sir, he is attending the banquet in honour of Rashtramata Sonia ji.”
“Did you say Sita ji?”

“NO Sir, Soniaji! Sickulars put Soniaji above Sitaji and Italy above India. There is a big difference between Italy & India. To start with, Italy is a whole, while India became a mere fragment of the whole in 1947. Then it’s her guts to come to the land of the self-negating infidels who give any “farangee” the top post because of family connections. But why do you enquire about the President, Sir?”

Because he had to be saluting the Republic Day parade today. It is 21st of October. Isn’t it?”

“But we have it on 26th of January when Pandit ji took over Bharat from our Imperial masters and promulgated his Constitution in 1950!”

“You ignorant fool, We mean patriot NETAJI’S Constitution, not the BANDIT’S!”

“I am confused. Pray enlighten me on Truth. It is Diwali, 2017 when NO Hindu should live in ignorance.”

“All right. Let us salute the legacy of the First Free Provisional Government of India as founded by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose with his Azad Hind Fauj (INA) on 21st October, 1943, at Singapur.
“The auspicious occasion and the date were never recognised by our manipulated “sarkari” history after Jenab Jawaharlal Nehru enslaved our Bharat once again and turned it into his own coolie colony. He replaced Democracy by Dynasty and none in Lok Sabha stood up to question.
“Azad Hind Fauj (Indian National Army or INA), 1942 TILL 1945, was called “Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind”, that is, “Provisional Government of Free India”.
“Netaji’s magnificent India stretched from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG while Nehru’s much reduced defeated, degraded & mutilated India got wedged between West Pakistan and East Pakistan.
“Head by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose himself, the cabinet consisted of-
Netaji as the Prime Minister,
SA Ayer, Minister of Broadcasting and Publicity,
AN Sahay, Secretary,
Karim Ghani,
Debnath Das,
DM Khan,
A Yellapa,
J. Thivy,
Sardar Isher Singh,
AN Sarkar, Official Legal Advisor,
Lt Col AC Chatterjee, Minister of Finance,
Lt Col Aziz Ahmed,
Lt Col NS Bhagat,
Lt Col Gulzara Singh,
Lt Col MZ Kiani,
Lt Col Aziz Ahmed,
Lt Col NS Bhagat
Lt Col JK Bhonsle,
Lt Col Gulzara Singh,
Lt Col MZ Kiani,
Lt Col AD Loganathan,
Lt Col Ehsan Qadir,
Lt Col Shahnawaz Khan.
Homage to the brave men and true heroes of Azad Hind Fauj at the auspicious dawn of 75th real (genuine) Independence Day of our Motherland, (AKHAND) Bharat.
Jai Hind.

“Thank you Sir, Nehru’s PROPAGANDA MACHINES made me “ULLOO!”

“From now onwards you are not NEHRU’S ULLOO but NETAJI’S LION!”

Please fwd widely. We must insist on celebrating the genuine “Republic Day” of the nation on October 21st. every year.