Date: 23/10/2017

Thank you.

Europeans have not had any MUSLIMS so far. So they have NO experience of the new danger.

But it is amazing that the Europeans are well informed and well read people. They must know the reality of this creed from the desert and they must see what the Muslims are doing all over Europe. Which capital or major city has escaped an ISLAMIC attack? Which city has women and girls not raped by Muslim men, even gangs?

Yet the Europeans are SLEEP WALKING into new order that will bring the ISLAMIC STATE to life again.

Bharat itself has set the WORST example. Having been mutilated, having lost vast territories and having suffered the biggest holocaust and mass migration of history, it has failed to THROW OUT the rascals who did not let a single temple standing in North India. Can one explain that?


24 Oct 17

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All nations went through a phase of ruled and ruler(royalty). India was composite of several kingdoms and each was distinctly different. Islamic nomadic herddsmen entered and gained strength to take over vast majority of land and her people. British entered, like others(Dutch,French,Portuguese) , to trade goods and develop commercial connections with the different kings,. All those foreigner business entitiess were able to subdue and usurp the rulers, including Islamic rulers. Finally British prevailed, leaving two others(French and Portuguese) on smaller real estate.

Last three decades swiftly transformed many parts of Europe into Islamic tenement under guise of religious freedom.

So called religious freedom is overstated and consequently, crisis began engulfing at a rapid pace.

This will cause unrest and new order will emerge, pretty soon.