Date: 26/10/2017

For your information only. Nothing new, that you do not know already. Still as Ms Anne Cyrus is narrating her story first hand, how with in days when Islam attains dominance, radically things get changed. If that is happening in Iran to day, it happened in India thousands of times, for thousand years.

Yet it is India that won.
Still much is lost as well.

Thus there is much to be done, to reverse the deleterious effects of so called "composite culture", an euphemism, a compromise to prevent ascendancy of India , her culture and civilization, to sap the will of people of India to undo Himalayan blunders.

The most important way to do this is to strengthen ourselves by paying back debt to our Rsis who have left us priceless treasures like Ramayana, Mahabharath and such epics. The study of such works helps to get rid of cobwebs of confusion as well as protects the student from falling prey to sophisticated or crude vile propaganda of vested interests. Also more important, we will begin to judge events in the world, from our own perspective, from the perspective of Sri Rama or Sri Krishna. This is what our heroes have done and upheld Dharma, essential for humanity to lead a life of happiness. Founders of Vijayanagar or Chatrapathi Shivaji were some of them. Fortunately there are many dedicated , noble , selfless people as well as organizations imbued with same spirit, at work even at present. While in the past our heroes met the challenge of the day, thus saved vast swaths of India from becoming Pakistan, heroes of today are engaged in bringing renaissance to make India, Bharath .

Proper world view fostered on the basis of Dharma is essential for renaissance of India which still has much to contribute to world civilization.

India should never suffer the fate of Iran and its ancient culture has suffered. Zorastrians were Hindus. Hand of providence blessed India so that major part of India was saved for the sake of humanity and posterity. So even to day India is quite capable of reversing the mischief or as confessed , the Himalayan blunders of recent past and restore civilization, humane culture of parts of India that are taken away due to chicanery that went to form 'terroristans' as aptly termed by Ms Gambhir , India's UN representative.

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