Date: 27/10/2017

What a wonderful account of Parsis' contribution to prosperity of India and now of the UK! Ironically they, and the Bahais, cannot go back and live in Iran due to extreme Islamic intolerance. But who are the Parsis?

Parsis, fled the savage Islamic invasion back home, made India their home and base. How fortunate for India to have them and how UNFORTUNATE to see the Mohammedans arriving, too, soon afterwards, to ruin the peace, destroy the temples, behead the intelligentsia and the priests, suffocate even infants to death, burn our holy scriptures as well as all the scholarly books and literature and the libraries, compel our honourable women and girls to commit "JOHAR", and, finally, break up the beautiful country with the promise of being an exemplary tolerant & prosperous democracy, into three ugly parts after killing, abducting, raping tens of millions of INNOCENT natives over the centuries.

What remains are the mosques, many that replaced the original magnificent Hindu temples, and the mausoleums built by forced Hindu labour who were constantly whipped and flogged till they died.
And yet we, all combined, cannot send tham back from where they came, for "good riddance"!

Those long centuries under the Mohammedan rulers who imposed the barbaric Sharia Law & levied Jezia tax, sent out soldiers in all directions to CONVERT the Hindus forcibly, and treated the natives with contempt, calling them "Kafirs" (infidels), were the darkest period of our entire history.

Hopefully the new Constitution will be the promise of a new modern era, to be known as "Ram Rajya" in which our, as well as the PARSI children and grandchildren, could live in peace!

28 oCT 2017