Date: 06/11/2017


When the two “brothers”, Nehru and Jinnah, in the era of Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!”, conspired to divide Hindusthan between them, they thought of only ONE criterion, HEAD COUNT, to attain their treacherous goal. But where possible this principle was also disregarded if the Muslims saw disadvantage. For example, Lahore with 75% Hindu/Sikh population, had to go to Islamic Pakistan as well as the Buddhist majority towns and areas like Chittagong in the East and Gilgit Baltistan in the West, that were also sacrificed on the fires generated by radical Islam and fanned by both Jinnah and Nehru.

At this time of frenzy the “Jinnah Nehru duo” committed High Treason, bordering on capital sin. It was the unconditional surrender of the birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Hindu and Sikh “collective brain” had been stunned by “father of nation”, MK Gandhi whose character and personality come out from the following incident:

A distraught Hindu father came to Gandhi to tell him of his shame and grief at his daughter’s abduction. He begged of Bapu, “I want your permission to gather some men and go out to confront the rascal and rescue my daughter.”

Gandhi’s reaction was shock and disbelief. “No my son,” he said, “Do not do any such thing. It will result in violence. Let the girl stay with the Musalmaan and you go to temple to pray.”

To add fuel to fire, Gandhi asked the wretched Hindu to continuously chant, “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” for three days non stop in order to forget his daughter and overcome his grief and anger.

Gandhi then watched passively as Karachi “went”, “Quetta “went”, Lahore “went”, Peshawar and Khyber Pass “went”, and the whole of East Bengal and the district of Sylhet in Assam “went” to the brainwashed “Kafir Killer” Mohammedans (protagonists of separatist, intolerant, fundamentalist, terrorist, Islamic Pakistan, the predecessor of today’s “Daesh” 70 years later!).

Gandhi did not ask Jinnah Bhai to STOP grabbing the sacred secular land of Sri Ram and Guru Nanak Dev ji.

In British time earlier, Gandhi used to undertake “fast unto death” to press his demand for some petty concessions & small freedoms but this time when one third of the sub continent was about to “vanish” from our maps, Gandhi did not undertake that fast in protest- not even for two minutes!

Finally, the WORST happened. Sri Nankana Sahib, the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Dev ji, the Apostle of Peace, the Messenger of Reconciliation and the Prophet of communal Harmony & universal love, “went” under the flag of intolerant sectarian Islam, and there was not even a one-word comment or condemnation by Bapu, who, being a barrister-at-law from London, ought to have seen the IMPLIICATIONS of the surrender of this holy spot on earth, the centre of world-wide pilgrimage, the spiritual spring of the Sikhs and Hindus alike, the universal apostle of peace Guru Nanak Dev.

In the last SEVENTY years all his devotees, especially the proud Sikhs, who had their own powerful Kingdom until 1849 AD, have been humbled, even degraded & insulted, being forced to travel to an ISLAMIC republic that was part of secular India till 1947, to visit the holy shrine.

Government of atheist Nehru was like a dying dry tree, least interested in saving the holy spot from the most humiliating surrender.

All Hindus and Sikhs on earth should unite to see Sri Nankana Sahib a FREE & SOVEREIGN like The Vatican in Italy.

That will not only restore the dignity of the holy Janmasthan but also facilitate the global pilgrimage & tourism to the city.

The Sovereign City State of Sri Nankana Sahib should have its own international airport where the pilgrims, visitors and tourists could land and take off safely.

To achieve this goal we appeal to both VHP and SGPC to sit together and plan a joint approach to the Government of Pakistan that should be reminded of the immense good will this will bring to them. How would they feel if Mecca went under the Star of David, the Cross, or the Trishul?

Special appeal to the Government and People of Pakistan, all fellow Indians until 1947:

“The brave never degrade the others or force them to do anything upsetting or humiliating. That’s how a Muslim Hajj pilgrim would feel at Mecca if he saw the city under the Star of David or the Christian Cross. It’s never too late to see the others’ point of view in order to ensure mutual respect, goodwill, reconciliation and peace on earth for ever.”

4 November 2017