Date: 09/11/2017

Let us see the metaphoric PRISON in which all the Hindus are IMPRISONED for life.

Hindus today are in JAIL without walls.
A weak nation is made strong by its Constitution. A CONSTITUTION MAKES THE PEOPLE FREE OR SLAVES.

A weak man is made to feel strong by the police and the army. A weak nation is made to feel strong by its Constitution.

If the Hindus do not grasp this, they, as MAJORITY, will be trembling with fear before the Muslims, the minority!

And that FEAR will eventually turn Bharat into Islamic Republic.
Hindus today are in JAIL without walls. In jail prisoners are denied liberties. They cannot do simple things like meeting with families, taking a walk in the park, inviting friends for a drink, and so on.

Let us see WHICH liberties are denied to the Hindus:

1. They are conditioned to see the Muslims as the prisoners see the wardens. This seriously INHIBITS the Hindus' freedom of action.

2. They cannot reject Partition though being the majority, though Partition was FRAUD & DECEPTION, though it was unprovoked naked aggression.

3. They cannot see Sri Krishna's or Netaji's bust in Prime Minister's office.

4. They cannot guarantee safety of Hindus in Srinagar and Sindh, even East Bengal.

5. They cannot say, "Bharat is a Hindu Rashtra".

6. They cannot stop Hajj subsidies to Muslims. Nor can they dare to demand the SAME for Hindu and Sikh pilgrims

7. They cannot repeal Article 370 of Constitution that applies to ONLY one Muslim majority State, ignoring all the Hindu SLAVE States, including one Sikh SLAVE State (East Punjab with capital on Union Territory).

8. They cannot re-build the Temple in Ayodhya

9. They cannot compel the Muslim groom to embrace the religion of his Hindu bride though she is invariably converted to his crude macho religion from desert. The slaves are too scared to invite the Muslims to embrace Hindu Faith though the Muslims and the Christians are richly "harvesting the Hindu crop!".

10. They cannot consign this Constitution that stated "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" to FIRE on the day the Muslims set fire to Rawalpindi, Lahore and Multan, killed the Hindus, raped our girls, made them march through towns STARK NAKED. Yet the Hindu SLAVE must say, "Hindus and Muslims are the SAME in our "BROKEN, BLEEDING BHARAT!" They CANNOT use the word "enemy" for the killers who chased them out of East Bengal and West Punjab and CAPTURED one third of India on one day in 1947. No! They are not enemies but "brothers"! Consider the ludicrous: Millions of Hindus cannot define a "Hindu", but all the Hindus can define a Mohammedan so easily as "our brother"!

11. Muslims CLAIM Kashmir while the "Constitutionally" terrified SIKHS (part of Hindu family) cannot claim even the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji. The HINDU logic: "What the RASCAL snatched by force or fraud, BELONGS TO HIM IN PERPETUITY!"

12. In film industry the heroes are MUSLIMS in Bangladesh (not a single Hindu!), Muslims in Pakistan (not a single Hindu) and ALSO in Hindusthan (not one Hindu hero is seen holding the hand of a Muslim actress!). Prisoners cannot aspire to equality with their Prison Guards. Can they?

NB: Esteemed readers can think of several other instances where the Hindu tolerates threats and bullying by Muslims in Bharat in extreme fear!


10 Nov 17