Date: 13/11/2017

Thank you.
You write, “Our Hon'ble (sic) Supreme Court has ruled in several judgments that Hinduism is not a religion, Hinduism is not a Community.”

In fact and reality it is the world’s MOST DISHONOURABLE Supreme Court that is pronouncing the verdict of utter dismay, despair and confusion on the Hindus. Who is their manipulator? Are they not sitting in Nehru’s disgusting rump of a defeated slavish country with wings and head chopped OFF? – A country that is FAKE?

Neither Partition had the legitimacy by referendum nor THIS SUPREME COURT that was created over the illegal entity called Partitioned India- over the corpse (dead body) of Akhand Bharat.

Let us assert the Truth with full conviction & courage: “PARTITIONED INDIA IS AN ILLEGAL IDENTITY.”
Pandit Nehru was supposed to be in the dock on charge of High Treason when he said “Yes” to Partition (illegal unconditional surrender of vast TERRITORIES) without the legitimacy of the Referendum. Thus the Supreme Court, in our smashed Hindusthan, is as ILLEGAL & UNBECOMING as Jawaharlal Nehru University and MK Gandhi’s bust in Prime Minister’s office! They are all FAKE.
None should trust or quote the judgements issued by this anti Hindu Supreme Court. IT IS UNSCRUPULOUS, STOOGE, “SARKARI”, & SUSPECT. It is meant to “salaam” Islam and Soniaji, but dishonestly sow the seeds of confusion among the Hindus who are running around trying to define a Hindu! Leave aside the poor neglected insecure "Hindu" still "running in circles", it has also not defined the constitutional status of a Muslim in Bharat since Partition! It must be BLIND or dishonest to the core, to say, "Hindus and Muslims are the same in Bharat despite Partition!"
How many of its judges are MUSLIM who should really be in PAKISTAN? This supreme court belongs to Nehru’s secular Utopia, not our real Hindusthan that should have NO "foreign fingers" sitting in Supreme Court.
Hindus should beware of both, the Constitution and the Supreme Court. The luxury of "being an ill-informed, ill defined, confused, caste ridden" Hindus is OVER. Such futile discussions on Faith and the lack of Faith have proved devastating, even LETHAL, for the Hindus whose lack of confidence, pride and conviction was shaped and formed by all the slave masters, one after another, year after year, decade after decade, century after century, over a millennium.

Over such a long period of time, simply by natural selection under Laws of Evolution, one can produce a breed of grass eating tigers! That is exactly what has happened to the Hindus who were proud, brave and invincible at the time of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna.

Today we are only fit to be “driven” (to extinction) like the cattle by those whose religion is obviously WELL DEFINED with no ambiguity or disunity when it comes to taking on the Kafirs, the Infidels, the HINDUS!

All the good seen in the conquering Islam and the expanding Christianity, and all the evil found in the defeated, degraded, confused and intimidated Hindus, is man-made.

After centuries of slavery it is not possible to find the Hindus in a first class condition. Centuries of incessant hammering, beheadings, abduction, rape,forcible conversions, and destruction of temples and massacre of priests, has left the Hindus in a state that you have defined well. And you are not the only one asking for a "definition" of Hindu when they are reduced to the level of cattle.
What has happened is not only the fraudulent surrenders of one third of India on one day, but also, figuratively speaking, the BEHEADING OF THE HINDU NATION. Collectively speaking, the Hindus have NO Head.
It has been brought out countless number of times that the Hindu sees, feels, weeps, cries and feels the pain- in the HEAD, but the nerves to the hands and feet are CUT. Hence NO action follows. No movement. NO advance. NO retaliation. NO hit back. But congealed into thick passivity, waiting, even expecting the next KICK.
What is missing, has to be restored. What is deficient has to be improved. What is deformed has to be re-made. What is limp and half dead, has to be revived. What is disunited, has to be UNITED. What is not defined, or ill defined, has to be defined. What is vague, has to be given a SHARP DEFINITION so that everyone knows his place and his spot of land to DEFEND.

This is a massive task for the ill-defined semi dead LEADERLESS, BRAINLESS, HEADLESS Hindu nation. And unless we rise to take the challenge the Hindu mass (like the cattle) will again STAMPEDE out of West Bengal, Kerala and even DELHI as we saw in 1947- the greatest stampede of tens of millions of Hindu "CATTLE" fleeing in panic from Karachi in the South to Kashmir in the North and in the East from Chittagong to Sylhet with ISLAMIC "wolves" in hot pursuit..

What a SHAME that no assessment has taken place due to the deterrents called "secular" Constitution and the secular Supreme Court. They have sucked up and dried the very breath of our Hindu nation. It is time to consign both the Constitution and the Supreme Court along with Aligarh MUSLIM University and JL Nehru University to the dustbin of history, and make a NEW beginning of Hindu Rashtra under the NEW Constitution. Not one Supreme Court judge will be MUSLIM or Nehru’s secular “donkey”!
Partition was NOT “fake”. The country called Bharat, that emerged thereafter, is FAKE.

13 Nov 17