Date: 13/11/2017

God help the country where veterans are treated so badly .
It really makes one's blood boil .


Forwarded as received.

*ISI-pakistan and Modiji*

Location:- Delhi cantt Army Base Hospital

Date;- 6 Nov 17

Venue:- Officer's line for ECHS

While I was standing to get myself registered for a medicine for cold n fever ...I monitored a handsome looking old officer standing in que with a plaster in left hand and a little bit of plaster below right knee.

I instantaneously understood him as a retired officer and I offered my place to him so that he doesn't have to wait..

"Thanks my son" he replied.

I introduced myself to him and he also introduced himself by his name...As retired colonel xxx.....
I thought I have heard this name..

"Sir , are u the same officer who arrested Hafiz saeed from anantnaag (kashmir) in 1996?"

"Yes my son..I arrested hafiz saeed." He replied smiling

"Sir , can u narrate the incident" I was inquisitive and honored to talk to such legendary officer.

"Look , I can't narrate full incident but yes it was quite a big task as he was heavily guarded and supported by his fellows. I was a major then. When I arrested him he and his men got physically aggressive once the bullets finished. I bashed that bastard and beaten them heavily. Hafiz fell to our feet and pleaded for mercy. He was crying like a lamb."
Said the colonel laughingly.

"Ohh , great sir" I was drawn to the injuries of that colonel then.

"How come this sir"? any accident?" I asked

" No son, no accident...Its a dent on the nation though"
He replied in a serious tone.

" I couldn't understand sir" I was puzzled.

" Me too....Actually the veterans are on hunger strike from so many months against decision of present government on OROP. No media is covering this...People like me are getting peanuts to survive. So we were demonstrating at jantar mantar while delhi police, though unprovoked, lathi charged on us. I was beaten and got a fractured leg and fractured arm." He said coldly.

Blood drained from my brain. An officer of this caliber and status beaten by a mere constable of delhi police....For what offence?....Peacefully requesting government about cause of thousands of old veterans? On whose instructions it is done? Are rajnath and modi unaware? No way....

13 NOV 2017.