Date: 28/11/2017

Subject: Great Open War, by Muslims, against Hindus of India.

The Indian Muslims have already started open war against Hindus of India.

Their Vision /Mission/ and Methodologies are given in the succeeding paragraphs. (As I Perceive.)

Vision ---To create India, as a Muslim country. (Dar al Islam---House of Islam), where Muslims, prevail. )

Mission. ---

1. To create demographic imbalance in India in such a way that Muslims have 25 %of MP in Lok sabha and MLAs in states.

2. To ensure Jihad against Hindus.

3. To have terrorist organizations, function effectively at all levels from district to National

4. To create terror in the minds of Hindus by all means including promoting ISIS activities.

5. To deceive all Hindus to promote our vision.

6. Take help of Pakistan and Bangladesh countries and other Muslim countries to achieve the vision

7. To ensure that all tenants of Koran are made applicable throughout India


Increase population of Muslims. Every family must have minimum eight children. Ensure Hindus concept of "Love Jihad" is implement in all rural and urban areas in all strata of the society. Increase---Invite, protect and ensure settlement of Muslims specially from Bangladesh and Pakistan s in India. Encourage people like Rohangiya to get them in India.


3. Madarsa: Ensure Madaras are the training ground to propagate war against Hindus. Madarsa be considered as fortress to hide weapons and cash.

4. Infiltrate all organizations of Govt of India, Universities, Student unions etc, including armed forces and Police covertly and overtly. This can be done by assuming Hindus name and hiding identity as Muslims.

5. Take help of Political parties like congress, TMC, SP, and Communist who are already sympathetic to Muslims and becoming members of such parties to eventually have political control of India.

6. Ensure we keep our vote bank intact.

7. Carry out terrorist activities by such organization as SIMI, IM etc.Raise more such organization. Help ISIS. Create "sleeping cells ‘and "NO go "Muslim areas.

8. Take help from Muslim Countries, financially, morally, and physically.

9. Keep all Government at National and state level, under pressure by placing various demands for the community, like reservation, favorable treatment to minorities etc.

10 Ensure show of strength by carrying out mochas, Bandhs, meetings in big cities and thus indirectly terrorize Hindu population and the government. This has been done successfully , in the past. Successfully.

11. Celebrate Birth days and Death anniversaries of all Muslim personalities of Indian History right from Mohamed Ghori to Kasab Afzal , en mass to show Muslim solidarity and create fear of Muslim towards Hindus.

11. Contributing factors: -- Make use of history how we ruled India for 1000years.Use" modern Jaichands", to our advantages. There are plenty of modern Jaichands in India. Lure them to work for us by way of "Sam, Dam, Dand and Bhed."

12 Control Media, including social media. Use planned and effective propaganda

13. Make use of constitution of India, which is favorable to minority and quote/use it frequently, as there are lots of" holes", in it



In the next fifty years, India may be under Islam. Unless, Hindus, take certain strong measures "here and now".

. OUR HISTORY SINCE INVESION OF MUSLIMS, BACKGROUND TO THIS SITUATION AND HAPPENING AFTER INDIPENDENCE TILL DATE, AND OTHER ISSUES are given below. Understand what happened, what is happening, and why it is happening. This is about 15 pages and appendices are about 18 pages. This article is based upon my and others e mails and articles., as applicable.

Request have patience to read it ponder over it and circulate it ,apart from educating r ignorant Hindus.

BJP is the, only political party for HINDU, is in power, presently. If Indians elect any party other than BJP , the Hindus, will be doomed. This our history and Koran is telling us. We have tolerated partition, faulty constitution, about 65 years rule by Muslim family


and pro Muslim Political parties Now, we must give, once again chance to a Hindu party during 2019 election. If we do NOT ELECT BJP, again, we will be then under SHARIAT Law. BJP has/is—made/making some mistakes but at least they are pro Hindus. BJP/RSS/VHP/Bajarang Dal are the organizations which are for Hindus. Others are for Muslims. Who, we, Hindus, choose in 2019 election, will make or break Hindus of India. If you read my this e-mail, along with the appendices, I am sure you will be convince about this. CHOISE IS OURS.

Jai Ho.

--- --- Major General (Dr) V S Karnik (Veteran) PhD(management)

(28 Nov 2017)

( This e mail may be delivered to certain gentlemen/ladies,more than once ,for which I request to be excused)




In the life of our nation, that is Bharat, Muslims have treated us brutally, mentally and physically for nearly 900 years. They all came as invaders, looted us, took our wealth, women and children, converted Hindus, forcibly to Islam. They destroyed our cultural heritage, religious books and temples and then on the broken temple sites, they built their monuments, like Babri Masjid etc. Very few Hindus resisted them, effectively. These are historical facts and documented.

. The depth and the scope of holocaust, which befell upon, Hindus, are, so staggering, that common human mind fails to understand this and goes blank. Murderous Muslims laid siege to glorious Bharatvarsha almost 1400 years ago and by treacherous and totally subhuman techniques succeeded in destruction and plunder of the greatest civilization that humanity has known so far. The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history

The Muslim conquests were for the Hindus a pure struggle between life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and their populations massacred. Each successive

campaign brought hundreds of thousands of victims and similar numbers were deported as slaves. Every new invader made often literally "hill of Hindu skulls." Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the entire Hindu population there; indeed, the region is still called Hindu Kush, 'Hindu slaughter'. The Bahmani sultans, in central India made it a rule to kill 100 thousand Hindus a year. In 1399, Teimur the lame, is said to have killed a 100,000 Hindus IN A SINGLE DAY and that according to his own Muslim historians

The Hindu population decreased by 8O MILLIONs, between the year 1000 and 1525. We will never be able to assess the immense physical harm done to India by the Muslim invasions. Even more difficult is to estimate the moral and the spiritual damage done to Hindu India.

The Islamic invaders did not only destroy countless temples and constructions but also suppressed cultural and religious practices, damaged the heart of the Indian religion. The Hindus suffered immense psychological damage.

Muslims ruled us for 1000 years that too ruthlessly; therefore, we must know the reasons for such ruthlessness. The concept of such atrocities and mass murder is found in the directions given in their religious book Koran and Hadith. Unless we are aware of what it says, we are living in fool’s paradise. Unfortunately, though we were ruled by Muslims for over 900 years, Hindus are still ignorant what is written in Koran, which is the guiding book for massacre and conversion of Hindus. These are given below. If you notice, the behavior pattern of Muslims in India , individually, and collectively, irrespective of , whether he is poor/rich, educated/uneducated, his position in the society, are BASESD ON TEACHING OF KORAN :--

Muhammad is the author and founder of Islam. His book, the Quran, as expanded in the traditions (Hadith) and codified in the legal code (Sharia) provides a complete system for the governance of Muslims and for the subjugation, exploitation, and persecution of infidels. The Mohammedan concept state:-

First with the division of the world into two domains, the Dar al Islam (House of Islam), where Muslims prevail, and the Dar al Harb (House of War) where the infidels (Non-Muslims) prevail. People from Dar al Herb are to be converted to Islam or else attacked, subdued, killed, enslaved. The ultimate goal, today, as fourteen centuries ago, remains the same, all Hindus, must be under the dominion of Muhammad's god and its followers.

. Given this perspective of the world and its inhabitants, the fate of all nonbelievers, follows its ordained course - oblivion that from the Muslims' viewpoint is the natural order of the universe and the ultimate good

The Quran defines Muslims as "the best of nations raised up to instruct all others". In Islam there is no equality between Muslim and infidel. 


Certain Quotes from Kuran

Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Those who submit and convert to Islam will be treated well. Those who don't submit, will be killed.

Don't make treaties with non-Muslims. They are all evildoers and should not be trusted.

Treat converts to Islam well.

Fight the disbelievers. Allah is on your side; he will give you victory.

Don't let idolaters tend the sanctuaries. Their works are in vain and they will be burned in the Fire.

On Terror

1. We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve Allah .
2. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

On Unbelievers

And slay them wherever ye catch them.

Then fight in Allah’s cause

And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers.

I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.

If there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering, they will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred, they will vanquish a thousand of the Unbelievers.

Fight those who believe not in Allah.

Unless ye go forth, (for Jihad) Allah will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place.

8. Obey not the disbelievers.
10 When ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks.

Hadith ---

The following quotes are from "SAHIH Al-Bukhari", which is accepted by most Muslims as the authentic words of Mohammad : ----

No Muslim should be killed for killing a kafir (infidel).

The person who participates in (holy war) in Allah’s cause and nothing compels him to do so expect belief in Allah and his apostle. Such person, will be compensated, by Allah either with reward or booty (if he survive) or will be admitted in the paradise (if he is killed).

Fight who believe not in Allah.

Certain Teaching and Beliefs of Islam;--


1. Muslim must abide by Islamic law irrespective which country he belongs.

2. If laws are against saying of Koran and Hadith, and when the rulers are not from Muslim nation, in that case, Muslim should not be loyal to that nation.

3. In Islam, Muslim community or society (Umma) has very important place. Muslim community is more important than individuals and Nation and it is Muslims duty to be loyal to Umma.

4. It is permitted in Islam to spread Muslim religion with the help of "sword".

5. Islam does not recognize nation’s border. Muslims loyalty is towards the Islam society.

6. Muslims are proud of that nation, which is ruled by Muslim. Muslims loyalty is outside country. The other fallout of this is there is no respect for countries law. Muslim considers that their law is bigger than countries law. Other belief is that Muslims are always victorious.

7. Muslims hate idol worshippers. Idol worshipper (i.e. Hindus) is considered greatest enemies of Islam.

8. Muslims, majority of them, desire to establish global Islamic rule and it advocates jihad against kafirs or non-believers of Islam. Jihad is a religious war against kafirs. Jihad is every Muslims duty. Religious Islamic institutions (like Madarasa) are ultimate truth.

9. Non-Muslims are Kafirs. Kafir has to choose between Koran and sword.

10. In Islam brotherhood is only for Muslims.

11. Muslims, do not regard themselves, as conquerors of the lands of the infidels, but their liberators. That is based on the premise that the lands, people and property of the entire world belong to Allah and his followers and that they are merely taking possession of what is rightfully theirs.

12. The pursuit of jihad, until this goal will be achieved, is an obligation.

13. Islamic Waqf means a charitable trust or foundation, the assets of which consist of land and other property, which are designated in perpetuity for the benefit of the named class of Muslim beneficiaries. The land is impressed with an Islamic WAQF or trust for the benefit of the umma for all time.

14. The purpose of these constraints is today what it has always been, namely 1) to transfer wealth from infidels to the umma, 2) to pressure the infidels to convert to Islam, or 3) to encourage the infidels' departure from the House of Islam. If the conquered land is once again recovered by its inhabitants, it still remains Islamic waqf, forever, even though the Muslims are no longer in control.


15. Between the two abodes of mankind Dar-ul-Islam (Land of Islam)and Dar-Ul-Harb (Land of enemy)— perpetual war called jihad reigns. All Muslims are called to jihad as a moral mandate to subdue the Kafirs and establish the universal rule of Islam, Khilaft.

16.All Muslim society everywhere is contained in the "Umma", the universal brotherhood of Muslims. In the early centuries, following Muhammad, the Umma was led by the "Khalifa", the Commander of the Faithful, as the successor of Muhammad, in whom all matters of religion and state were combined.

17.Islam, then as now, sees no distinction between the religion and the state.

18.Islam does not acknowledge civil rights.



1. There was NO combined resistance by Hindus as there was NO unity amongst them. Disunity amongst, Hindus was the main reason for our defeats after defeats. 2. Then came Britishers and they ruled us for two hundred years. They did the same what Muslims did, to us. They robed our nation, converted Hindus to Christianity, destroyed our culture, introduced new education system to ensure that we were their slaves, massacred us during the war of Independence,1857.They created famine situation in Bengal during WWII, and lakhs of people died. They divided our country into India and Pakistan, with more land given to Pakistan, with connivance with some congress Indian leaders and we, Hindus, as slaves mentality, meekly accepted.

3. It is amazing that:

Pakistan was created for Muslims, but many Muslims stayed (requested to stay!!) in India, after partition. Hindus were forced out of Pakistan, after looting and raping them, by Muslims, during partition. Hindus never objected.

Government of India nurtured Muslims for the last 70 years, like a small child is nurtured. . Hindus never objected

Muslims were given special treatment by the Government of India .Hindus never objected.

Muslims were given special privileges .Hindus never objected.

Muslims are still being nurtured. Muslims are still being given special treatment by the Government of India. Muslims are still, been given special privileges. Hindus are still not objecting.

3. Muslims, who were given shelter, in India, by Hindus, now have started considering themselves as privileged class and treating Hindus, like slaves, and Hindus are accepting it and NOT objecting.


4. After Independence we were ruled for nearly 65 years by Muslim dynasty, known as Nehru and Gandhi (Indira etc.) family--- and Congress party .Congress party and its Muslim leaders and politicians deliberately allowed corers of Bangladeshi Muslim to infiltrate into India and were allowed to settle them formally by issuing documents. This was to create vote bank. The Indian constitution made by Congress party is suspect. Other reasons to substantiate the claim that we were ruled by Muslims, and Muslim favoring Congress party, and favored Pakistan, after partition/independence, are as under:

During partition, Hindus who were in Pakistan were persuaded by M K Gandhi and Nehru to remain in Pakistan, clearly knowing that eventually this Hindu population will be eliminated. This happened

Perusing and requesting by MKG and Nehru that Muslim population should stay in Indian , instead of migrating to Pakistan, the country they demanded ,knowing well that eventually Muslims( as per tenants of Islam) will dominate in affairs of India and Hindus, which is happening.

Nehru, took the J & K issue to UNO, in spite of Indian Army was winning and IA, wanted just one week more, to capture whole of J & K . Result is that this problem is still on our back.

During 1971 war, Indira Gandhi returned one lakh Pakistan PWO just on a platter, instead of hard bargaining.

Terrorist were released in exchange of abducted Muslims related VIP Muslim Politicians. This was staged managed. Terrorist were also released as a good will gesture towards Pakistan.

Indo Pak water treaty was heavily skewed towards benefit of Pakistan.

(Thus Nehru, Indira Gandhi helped Pakistan. )

Laws were passed favoring Muslim. Appointment of Sachhar committee was aimed to help Muslims to show their "plight", and then showering on Muslim various financial grants.

Flourishing of Madarsas, legal and illegal, aided by foreign countries, were neglected by Congress government, even it was known that illegal anti national lessons were taught to the students.

Prominent Hindu political leaders were harassed / jailed/ eliminated, like Savarkar, Shama Prasad Mukerjee, Modi ets. Even Hindu leaders from Congress party, who were threat to Muslim Gandhi family, were eliminated.

Looted our wealth .The examples being G2 and so many corruptions scams. This includes Bofor scam, which is now connected with favores and help from Pakistan by the then, PM Rajiv Gandhi. Corers of rupees

were offered to keep Gandhi family name out of bofor scam. This is the latest revelation.( Source—Republic TV news since 17 Oct 2017)

Officially announcing that minorities (Muslims and Christians) have first right to the recourses of India, by then PM , Manahan Singh, who was puppet of Sonia Gandhi.

Passing law that Hindu temples will be managed by govt and the income from temple was used for helping in running madarasa and subsidizing Haj.

Allowing to have many radical Muslims pockets, as localities, as "No Go Areas" in Major cities of Indian known as "Mini Pakistan".

Generally assisting Muslims and Christian particularly Muslims to spread their religion, to increase their voters. The methods allowed were conversion of Hindus by force/coercion or bribing them, and allowing illegal Muslim migrants into India, and assisting them to settle them in India

Neglecting offensive utterance s of Muslim political leaders and Muslim religious leaders, against India, Hindu Gods, and Hindu culture. At times utterance were "to eliminate Hindus and making this country a Muslim country."

Allowing increase of Muslim population to increase by various means.

Favoring Muslim festivals for their celebrations and curbing celebrating Hindus festivals by various methods, by passing illegal laws and orders

Not taking firm action against Muslim anti Indian Muslin organization on some pretext. The main excuse put forward is " the law take its own course". At times, the Judiciary institutions are also favoring Muslims unwarranted cause.

Granting favors financially or otherwise to Muslims.

t)Congress leaders( Rahul Gandhi, Mani Shankar Aier, Ex Vice President of India, who is Muslim, Ex foreign Minister of India who is Muslim Home Minister Shinde, all from Congress party,) publically stated that Hindus are greater threat than Muslim Terrorist and Naxilites.

t) Congress govt never restored demolished Hindu temples, never changed Muslim names of cities and streets.

u) Congress and Muslim dynasty (Nehru and Indira Gandhi) fudged the correct history of our nation.

V) Draft bill prepared by Sonia Gandhi and congress party, known as

Prevention of communal and Targeted violence bill(PCTV Bill

, which was most dangerous bill for Hindus. Luckily it got shelved due to election. Please read the Appx regarding this bill.

(There are so many more instances that Nehru, Gandhi family and Congress party favored Muslims)

5. At this stage it is relevant to mention that conversation of Hindus to Muslim and Christianity is continuing systematically, with, planned deliberations and efforts. The examples are in W Bengal and, Kerala. NE states are completely converted into Christianity.( Nehru was instrument in creating "inner Line "for the NE states thus depriving NE people from joining main stream of the nation. Mass conversion to Christianity, in NE Region, was ignored.)This has happened when congress was ruling by Muslims leaders and Christian leaders (Sonia Gandhi). In this connection, a relevant remark, stated by Swami Vivekananda is worth remembering. Swami Vivekananda had rightly said, "For every convert, that is lost to Hinduism, it is not just one lost, but one more enemy to Hinduism.".

5. Indian Muslim loyalty is first to Mecca and Indian Christian first loyalty is to Rome. This is true. We all are experiencing it.

6.The tenets of Islam is that, their religion is superior to other religion and hence other religion must be destroyed. If one reads Koran, all tenants indicate that they are against Hindus and they want to have Islam state in India, that is Dar –e- Islam(Land of Islam)


7.. Hindus must understand that, if this countries is take over by Muslim, or Congress, in a democratic ways( majority of votes) this nation will suffer as under:--

(a) There will be no more democracy.

(b)India will be ruled by Sharyat law. ISIS and Caliphate will rule India. Hindus will be slaves again.

(c)Hindu/Hindu culture will be destroyed (as happened in Pakistan and Bangladesh) and Hindus will be treated as they were treated in History, by Muslims and Christians..

( d) All Hindu women(YOUR MOTHER,WIFE,SISTER and DAUGHTER) will be treated as sex slaves.

( e) There will be no Human Right activities as HR activities will be eliminated

(g) The so called "intellectuals, think tanks, reformers, liberals, communists, and secularists" will Not exist, as they will be eliminated. No one will exist to conduct

"Award vapasi."All will be silenced.

(h) Judiciary will be committed to Islamic law.

(i ) Prevention of communal and Targeted violence bill(PCTV Bill), which was most dangerous bill for Hindus, will be introduced on priority. Then Hindus will be really slaves. (Re-read the appx on this bill.

8. Do Hindus want this to happen?

9. Grand plans were/are already on drawing board to convert this nation into Islam by Nehru and Gandhi family (who were Muslim and now half Muslim and half Christian—which is more dangerous). They are supported by, Indian Muslim leaders/politicians, pro Muslim, political parties, and personalities sympathetic to Muslim and Christian, with foreign connection and financial and moral support from them. Certain political parties like, Congress, TMC, and Communist, have already started condemning and defaming Indian Defenses forces. These parties are aware that only this institution will be standing against their design.



1. Indian nation, in general and Hindus, in particular are facing serious problems. The solutions to these problems,are :--

(a) The foremost solution to above problems is that all Hindus must unite, immediately. Unfortunately, presently, ---- Char HINDU ek dishame Tabhi Chalte Hai, Jab Pachva KANDHE par Ho," Yah Hamari Kamjori Hai. (Four Hindus walk in one direction only when, the fifth is being carried on their shoulder, for cremation. --- This is Hindus weakness). We ought to change this.

(b) Make aware how Hindus were treated and the forces bent upon destroying Hindu religion and Hindu culture. Educate all Hindus.

( c) Understand teaching/tenants of Koran and Bible, which are against idea of Hindu religion, and our nation.

(d ) Elect the Govt or a party, that has capacity to look after interest of Hindus and India as a country. Presently, in the present environment, it is BJP only. All other than BJP, are anti Hindu, and will be eager to get Prevention of communal and Targeted violence bill (PCTV Bill), passed.

(e)Let’s not fool ourselves on the Hindu concept of: ---

(i) secularism(ii) Vasudev Kutukakam--world is one family(iii)Athiti Devo Bhav--Guest (like Bangladeshi Muslims,Rohingya Muslims) are like God.(iv) All religions are same(v)Ahinsa parmo dharm--Non violence is the best policy.

(f) Do not have slave mentality. Have courage to face the danger. Some casualties will be there. In war we suffer some casualties that does not mean we run away, from war.

Therefore, it is our sacred, important and immediate, duty (dharma) to educate all Hindus correctly and expeditiously, on these issues. This can be achieved by:--

In every religious function ( Sri Ganesh Pujan, Dushera, etc)before start of any modern entertainment programme,(Known as Cultural programme!!),there should be, at least 20 minutes speech/discourse, about our religion/Gita/Ramayana/ Hindu culture .

Persuade the school/college authorities, to have at least two periods in a week , to teach

about our religion.

Organize lectures at mandirs on festival occasions, about Hindu religion, instead of conduction routine Kathas.

Organization of lectures at the nearby villages, involving Panchyats

Organization of lectures during village mela/festival.

Organize lectures at places like Shirdi, Tirupati, Varanasi, where large numbers Hindus gather.( I was surprised and amazed , that during Kumbha Mela, at Ujjain in 2016, I notice stalls organised by Muslims ,to distribute pamphlets and advising pilgrims, how to convert to Islam. I brought this to the notice of the state and local authorities of the government, but they refused to do anything.).

Produce CDs, about tenants of Hindu religion for distribution, free of cost.

Persuade our religious teachers (like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,etc) to brief their audience about the lurking danger to Hindus instead of teaching "Secularism"

Go all out to educate that "Hindu religion Khatare Me hai" (It’s amazing, that, when we face any difficult situation, in our day to day life, we still unwittingly, quote "Islam Khatare me Hai". Am I wrong?)

(j)Educate Hindus, about the tenants of Islam and their teaching, so Hindus ’, ideas will be clear, what they are facing.

(k)Persuade all Hindu families to attend Aarti in temple once a week (As Muslim go to Masjid every Friday, Christian go to Church every Sunday)

If Muslims actively propagate about Jihad and hate speeches against Hindus in madarasa and during/after their prayer each Friday, why cannot we do things listed at Paragraph above.




1.Indians were always afraid of Muslim minorities for no reason. It was collective psychological effect and Hindus used to appease them for vote banks. This Muslim vote bank was important as Hindus were divided based on cast and regionalism. Pakistan, Bangladesh China, Nepal, and Myanmar has a grand strategy to strangulate India without waging a open war. India is aware of it but has no prospective plan. Indians are only making noise and carrying on with the dull life, as seen after terrorists’ bomb blasts, throughout the country.

2.All government attitudes irrespective of which party is in power is to retain power and, for which, in principle even "selling their mothers, sisters, wives daughters,, and acceptable. Hindu men are impotent and their aim is to amass wealth. Hindus has no sense of nationalism and has no character.

3.There was too much tolerance by the Hindus. Vasudev Kutumben,( the world is one family) is s Hindus motto, and they allowed Bangladeshis en mass to come and settled in India. They are used as vote bank, in spite of its repercussion on national security and National interest .Tolerances without any discrimination lead to confusion. Ahimsa without any military might is counter productive. Mahatma’s ahimsa was practiced to such an extent, during partition, that when Hindu women were raped, the blood of Hindus did not boil but they (Hindu men) pleaded that Hindu women should be treated with respect. More Hindu women were raped. Hindus were driven out of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hindus were mute witness.. Hindus gave special privileges to minority but none to majority. Hindus banned anything, which offended Muslims, but did not ban anything, which offend Hindus. Hindus make fun of their own culture and Gods and glorifie other religions. Hindus are worried about not offending Muslims and thereby are re controlled by Muslims. Hindus are more mindful of offending sentiments of Muslims than are of Hindu, or Sikh. If Hindus go outside with tikka on the forehead, they are criticized, by Hindus, as fundamentalist, but when Muslims are out with their skill cap they are appreciated. Hindus celebrate id and Hindu politicians celebrate ifthar parties but Muslims refuse to celebrate any festivals of Hindus,

Majority of Indian TV channels and print media are controlled by Muslim and Christen countries. These countries, especially, Muslim countries, are controlling what news is to be fed to Hindus. They have the money power. They have purchased prominent media personalities and politicians for "psychological warfare "that anything Hindus do and think is wrong, including Hindu Gods.

No one sympathized with Kar sevaks burnt at Godhra. India is a " weak soft state".The people generally do not have national interest in mind and has no future perspective plan for the safety of the nation, Indians has no vision .Imagine, politicians and so called intellectuals, has a strange opinion that a strong and stable Pakistan is in India’s interest. When opportunities were available, India did not finish off Pakistan. India did not learn the attitude of Pakistan in spite of experiences. Indian political leaders only react to a situation and do not take any proactive action.

Hindus are not proud of Hindu religion and issues connected with Hinduism. The pseudo –secularist are not supporting Hindus, whereas every country in the world is proud of its own religion. Hindus are too apologetic, submissive about their religion and tend to protect any person/community/ religion, who, give kick to Hindu religion or makje fun of Hindu religion. This attitude, is helping Muslim activities to their benefit and cause. Unfortunately majority of Hindus has neither read nor understood Muslim religion.

Hindus do not teach their children about their forefathers, scriptures, Vedas etc. All countries teach their religion to their children. But Hindus do not. Indians fail to understand that, power respects power, meek remains weak and is kicked around. India is a secular country because Hindus are in majority but Hindus do not assert their majority by uniting. The Hindu policy should have been "tooth for tooth and eye for eye", as far as Pakistan and Bangladesh were concerned. Hindus have never geared up to save the Nation, Hindu religion and culture.

8. Hindus are too casual people, indifferent and with "Sab Chalta Hai" attitude. Indian cities were bombed 100 times, and India absorbed each recurrent blow, quivered and did nothing but pronounced to the world "India is vibrant".

9. The young Hindu generation has no interest in nationalism, religion or culture. Elder people are tired to do anything. Middle class people are trying to get into rich category and rich into super rich. Villagers are trying to survive and exist. Intellectuals are trying to get Padma Bhushan (if not Noble peace award) awards. Politicians are different breed, of which less said is better. Muslims and other countries have evil eye on India and we keep on, just singing the song "Ai Mere vatan ke logo jara Aakhome bhar lo Pani".

10. The leaders are impotent corrupts, old and foreigners whose loyalties are to their religion/county of birth.

11. The famous religious temples trust are controlled by Muslims and Christian to which Hindus had no objections. The history taught in schools is glorifying Muslim and foreign rulers. .No nationalism is encouraged. People are materialistic. There is no respect for the security forces and this may lead to indifference within security forces..

11. Study of Hindu scriptures and, adherence to Hindu culture is discouraged. Even song "Vande Mataram" is not practiced, as it is thought, that it is hurting the sentiments of Muslims.

12. Not knowing tenants of Islam and therefore wrongly understanding Islam as religion of Bhaichara (Brotherhood). Not understanding the meaning of Dar-al-Harb "and "Dar-al", Jihad, Ulma, Islam etc, and how it was used against Hindus by all Muslims irrespective of their position and standing in the society. Ignoring the history and experiences and lessons learned from , how Hindus were badly treated and massacred by the foreign rulers. There is no uniform civil code applicable

13. Lack of self discipline. The attitude and understanding, that,"If I and my family are safe let, anything happen to others and the country, let anyone rule the country, how does it matter to me.".





Hindus were ruled by Muslims for about 900 years and then by Christian for about 200 years. We all are aware of how Hindus were treated by them.

After independence Hindus were ruled by:--

(a) Nehru, who was Muslim. He was supported by M K Gandhi, who was pro Muslims.

(b) Indira Gandhi, who was Muslim.

(c)Rajiv Gandhi, who was Muslim and then converted to Christianity.

(d) Sonia Gandhi (by proxy), who is Christian.

(e) Congress up to Apr 2014, which is Pro Muslim Party.

3. We are also aware that all decisions, at the national levels, which were taken by people and Party mentioned above in Paragraph 2, above, were anti National, Pro Pakistan and Pro Muslims.

4. Since May 2014, we have BJP party, led by Mr. Modi, is ruling, which is looking after the interest of Nation and Hindus. BJP and Mr. Modi have made few mistakes, and have so far not fulfilled all their promises, but the party and Mr Modi, mean well for the Nation and Hindus.

5. During next general election, which party can come in power? It depends on Hindus. All parties except BJP are anti Hindus and Pro Muslim. Do we want to be ruled again by Muslims or Christians? Choice is ours.

6. Irrespective of what mistakes, made by Modi, and his party, let’s get BJP in power during 2019 election. Otherwise Hindus will be doomed.

7. We should prepare for 2019 elections. In that educate all Hindus about these aspects, some of them as mentioned above. This has to be done immediately by all the members of Patriots and Hindus who care for Hindus. Let’s UNITE all Hindus. Ensure BJP wins with 3/4 th majority.


------------------ Majot General V S Karnik(Retired) PhD Management

(28 Nov 2017)

(Appendices Attached to this e mail)