Date: 07/12/2017

re: Gandhi Memorial Meet

It is preposterous, unbelievable, incomprehensible, that any Hindu or Indian with average intellect and the least sense of patriotism will celebrate the weakest and the most demoralised “leader” ever born on earth.

And it is also unbelievable that such a man will be put above their country and thus invite death to all the surviving Hindus in a world where a nation that merely blinks the eyes gets disembowelled in a second by the watchful, waiting, enemies all round- far and near.

To judge the man, the question is relevant: “What did Gandhi do or say when the SWORD OF ISLAM was poised over the Hindus’ (and his) head?”

Did he say, “We will respond in kind,” or did he convey the impression, “We will surrender Karachi, Lahore and even Noakhali for the sake of peace!”?

Gandhi had to be admired when he did Satyagraha against the clever & tolerant British rulers but INSTANTLY DUMPED his patriotism when he confronted JINNAH. His mind went BLANK in terror and he could not say, “I WILL CHARGE YOU FOR HIGH TRESON!” (Or, “I’ll set my rottweilers on you!”)

India was reduced by one third in size when the loin cloth wearing “lion” became a “hijda” (eunuch) mouse, and did not undertake two minutes’ fast in order to protest against the mutilation of his land of birth that the emaciated man called “Bharat MATA”!.

The man was a despicable FRAUD and utmost COWARD who told the Hindus of MULTAN, “No need to panic. Do not upstick and run away. There will be NO Partition. India will be cut upon my dead body. STAY WHERE YOU ARE!”

They stayed and were burnt alive when their homes were set ablaze by Muslim mobs in Multan. The SILENCE OF THE DEAD was the senile funk’s solace. They could not curse him. They could not SPIT on him for betraying them when DEATH came to them.

During the British rule his safety, and the safety of his followers, was guaranteed by British Guns, Genius and Might. As soon as the British prepared to depart Gandhi found himself staring in terror in the face of the DEVIL (JINN) and he (Gandhi) collapsed and “died”.

Eventually he was put to death by a patriot on January 30, 1948 to redeem the honour of the world’ most cowardly nation that did not rise as ONE MAN to defend Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar, Dhaka and even Sri Nankana Sahib.

Gandhi’s MORAL DEATH meant the PHYSICAL death of Hindusthan and two million innocent Hindus (and Sikhs) and ETERNAL SHAME of the Marathas, Rajputs, Tamils, Gorkhas, Jats and all the others who would have “taken care” of EVERY MOHAMMED in Hindusthan had Gandhi cried out, “HELP. SOS!”

But the “son of a goat” went SILENT and his India was DEFEATED and forced to surrender vast territories as well as the Hindus residing there since the time of Sri Krishna and Sri Raam.

The admirers of Gandhi can go on showing their STUPIDITY while his land of birth is approaching its FINALPHASE since the invisible hand of JINN is moving towards DELHI after dealing with MULTAN. Now the advance of the ENEMY is unstoppable.

The organisers of this “Gandhi Memorial Meet” must be MAD or IGNORANT or even SELFISH unless they will condemn and abuse Gandhi profusely reflecting the TRUTH. They must also be BLIND if they cannot see the MAPS of his India, one at the time of his birth and the second at the time of his death with tendency “vanishing”.

We can reproduce a line from the history books, a century ahead of time:

“There used to be a clever Hindu nation that excelled in knowledge, spirituality, divinity and civilisation. They PERISHED, leaving no trace behind for committing just ONE judgemental BLUNDER.

“They ignored five “LIONS” but followed one “JACKAL”. They ignored Sri Krishna, Sri Raam, Guru Gobind Singhji, Chatrapati Shivaji and Subhash Chandra BOSE but followed MK Gandhi.”


7 Dec 17