Date: 08/12/2017

Thank you for a good account with some serious controversial bits. Finally, please see the last sentence and, reflect as to how "by the way" or "in passing”, you have stated,”millions of our countryman had to sacrifice their lives.”

Besides the MILLIONS who are on NOBODY’S mind when we discuss the top POLITICIAN of the time, who became a liability and INVITED aggression due to overwhelming wish to avoid bloodshed or not to offend the Muslim “brothers”, there is possibly the esteemed writer’s own province of birth, BENGAL. How little is the value of our “DHARTI” that there is NO mourning over the “MURDER OF BENGAL” under Gandhi’s command. And by the way the learned writer has let NEHRU off the hook very conveniently despite the fact that he loved Edwina and HATED the Hindus.

Why are the HINDUS not so serious about their TERRITORY and fellow HINDUS and even about themselves when they do not wish to be reminded of PARTITION and do not wish to commemorate those MILLIONS that you fortunately mentioned?

Those millions were INDIVIDUALS, like you and me! They were not million tables or trees! What a SHAME that one has to tell the Hindus, even very educated, “RELATE TO FELLOW HINDUS!” But still the Hindus relate MORE to Gandhi and Nehru than to the MILLIONS killed! Roads, airports and universities are named after them but NOT one memorial to those ”millions of our countryman had to sacrifice their lives,” that you mention in passing!

It is this lack of seriousness that emboldened the ENEMY then, and is encouraging the ENEMY even now to finish off the remaining sleepy Hindus. Even during the savage Mogul rule when Hindus were required to pay Jezia TAX in their own land of birth, there were valiant efforts to WAKE UP the sleeping wounded “elephant”, the HINDUS, such as Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji and Maharana Pratap, but they could not rouse the whole Hindu nation but remained CONFINED to regions only. Similarly both Gandhi and Nehru did not touch the soul of Bengal or Tamil Nadu, leave aside the whole of Bharat that SANK LIKE A TORPEDOED SHIP.

Due to lack to loyalty to NATIVE (Hindu) Dharma 28 States in India are no patch to even ONE Islamic Republic called “Pakistan” that has dug its teeth deep in the soft flesh of Bharat MATA in Kashmir, chasing out all the Hindus from Srinagar. All the Hindus in 27 other States are breathing but NOT LIVING as far as Kashmiri Pandits are concerned, as far as Bharat MATA is concerned!

Our GENUINE Mahatmas have two challenges. 1. To warm up the deep frozen Hindu blood (and spirit); and 2. Go beyond regions but become a NATIONWIDE Hindu resurgence movement.

Re-look at the antics of a slave who was among 350 million more fellow slaves who could be arrested any time for disobeying the rulers’ writ and taken to prison by two policemen of the Imperial Power. All he could do was to go on fast “unto death!” When Partition threatened he even forgot to go on fast for two hours! Some “Mahatma”!

We should be thinking of making the ONE BILLON Hindus living in Bharat the “IMPERIAL Power” of the future, AT LEAST in Bharat while the Muslims are a world power far beyond the land & frontiers of origin, Arabia!

What is our REACTION when we see Islam sovereign from Morocco to Indonesia while Hinduism has vanished from East Bengal and West Punjab with the trend towards EXTINCTION IN DELHI? What's on the (useless) Rashtrapati's mind IF NOT THESE THOUGHTS & CONCERNS?

The idea of recovering all those TERRITORIES surrendered due to fraud and duress (due to weakness of Gandhi and Treachery of Nehru) should be a part of our “way of thinking”, our national goal, and NOT regarded as an insurmountable challenge that will finish off the surviving Hindus. Only when the majority community behave like the sheep do we think “we can’t touch the whiskers of the Islamic WOLF!” WHAT MUST WE DO TO BECOME MEN FROM EUNUCHS?

We must do, WHATEVER IT TAKES, to become “TIGERS” if not “LIONS” We will see the frontier move from Wagah to Khyber with utmost east!

The first requisite is to deal with Nehru and GANDHI like the Germans dealt with Hitler and the Russians dealt with Stalin and the Persians dealt with the Shah and the Romanians dealt with Caucescue and the Italians dealt with MUSSOLINI.

The DEMORALISED, EMACIATED, majority community in Partitioned India, helplessly RESIGNED to Partition and acknowledging the superiority of the Muslim MINORITY (Article 370 & Hajj subsidies!), cannot stand up to walk straight upright, until the “LEPROSY” called GANDHI and Nehru are totally eradicated from our system.



8 Dec 17

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Dear friends,

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was basically a simple man and he was a selfless person too and such a person can't do well in politics. Gandhii knew his weakness and that is why he relied very much on Pt. Nehru to look after the political aspects. Gandhiji was not even a forceful speaker and he tried his hand as a lawyer but had to give up. After he returned to India from South-Africa, once he visited a religious math in Gujarat and the Swamiji there called Gandhiji "Mahatma". Gandhiji knew that he had miles to go before he can think himself worthy of that great epitaph, but the Congress party immediately jumped to capitalize on that. They could tell the fellow Indians that their party is led by a "Mahatma (a great soul)". Thus will-nilly Gandhiji was pushed to the political front. Mahatmaji travelled in the third class railway compartment and a frustrated Sarojini Naidu said that it cost more for Mahatmaji to travel in the third class than it would have cost if he would have travelled in the first class, for obvious reason.

As regards Muslim, he did not really put the Muslims above the Hindus. I understand that when his son wanted to marry a Muslim girl, he did not approve of it. He wanted his son to marry a Hindu girl. However when Indira Gandhi married a Muslim, Pt. Nehru could manipulate Gandhiji's support and in the name of Gandhi Pt. Nehru's son-in-law was advised to change his surname from Khan to Gandhi, for political benefit to the Nehru family. If I am wrong, I am open to correction.

As regards Gandhiji's interest in the Bhagavad Gita, it was Dr. Annie Besant who was the first to advise Gandhiji to read it and Dr. Besant also personally presented a copy of the Bhagavad Gita to Gandhiji. Gandhiji read it with great interest and Mahadev Desai tells us that Gandhiji admitted that he had problem in understanding the 8th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.

Gandhiji did not have any political ambition like Mahammad Ali. Jinnah. The latter was a terminal cancer patient but he successfully hid his illness from Nehru and others. Jinnah wanted to have the top position in the Government before he passed away. and he could get that for himself by creating the Pakistan. Jinnah's personal ambition and Nehru's naivety (भोलापन) were the root causes for the partition and millions of our countryman had to sacrifice their lives.