Date: 10/12/2017

This the wretched fate of a country that has no identity, that belongs to all yet to none, where the predator is indistinguishable from the "kill" (victim)!

It is our sacred Bharat Mata where guts and courage to stand up to the corrupt rulers are missing, where INSECURITY drives everyone to think of him/herself only, where Education and Information are controlled, and where noble democracy degenerated into dirty dynasty.

That unfortunate country is Bharat where the masses notice Bharat as "MATA" but do not notice her leg and arm MISSING.

That is the Land of Sri Rama and Guru Nanak where Sri Rama's temple lies in RUINS and the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak is under the flag of the intolerant, separatist, kafir-hater "Mohammed of Desert".
Many proud and honourable Sikhs who need visa to go from Amritsar to Lahore now wish the sacred Janmasthan, too, was in RUINS but within Bharat, East of Wagah! They see no way to shift the frontier from Wagah to Khyber or to see Sri Nankana Sahib back in Bharat. The "lions" have come under the "sheep".

How effortlessly and promptly it went!- the demoraliseld defeated "majority community of Gandhian "jackals" ought to FIND OUT. The pain, and the sense of humiliation, in the heart of Guruji's devotees, is unbearable and indescribable. The "rats" have NO idea, had NO link with "dharti" (territory), and NO concept of Motherland (Bharat MATA).

The evil Will of Nehru has cast a shadow over our beautiful Motherland that can never see the light of “sanity or samjhauta”- NEVER, since the surrender was unconditional, prompt and in perpetuity! There was NO time for reason and argument, nor for logic and referendum. BANDIT Nehru took the key from Gandhi, opened the door, and we saw the SOUL OF MOTHER INDIA fly out- and, in seconds, out of sight.

Our days may be numbered on earth but surely Bharat Mata will wait with patience till the frontier is back to Khyber and the map of Hindusthan once again resembles the noble bride about to receive the ring from her groom (Sri Rama).