Date: 12/12/2017

Reality is that Life of Muslims is not good anywhere.

Violnce, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, Human Right violations, domestic violence, cruelty to women, caste/ class type discrimination, even addictions to a lesser degree are pervasive.

In no muslin countries, Muslims live in fear of loss of their identity, paranoia towards majority, obsessed with wanting to establish Sharia, committing honor based inhuman acts and in seen each fail to enjoy democracies, transparency, diversity of a society that makes it rich.

No one wishes any harm to Muslims and Islam but their inability to grow, change, compromise will continue to create hardship, poverty and illiteracy.

Among all religions, Muslims have the fewest Nobel prize winners and leaders of international repute.Whenever there is a crisis in the world whether flood, drought, civil war, disease ,etc, one will never or rarely see any Muslim country sending help, helpers or contribution.
The dynamics is complex, diagnosis severe and prognosis hopeless.

Muslims have created chaotic violent failed states and tens of millions of them are seeking home in NON Muslim world, saying "Good bye" to the MOHAMMED OF DESERT.