Date: 19/12/2017

The proud Sikh in East Punjab cried in despair when he was asked to apply for visa to visit the “Janmasthan” of Guru Nanak Dev ji that lay other side of Wagah.
He had read history that once there was a powerful Sikh Kingdom right up to Khyber Pass.
He was also acutely aware of the let down by the MAJORITY community that failed to hang Nehru & Gandhi when they collapsed instead of standing up to the intolerant, murderous, separatist bullies.
He recalled the demoralised pseudo-secular MAJORITY community tuck their tails between the legs and run away from Dhaka, Gilgit and Lahore, leaving all the mandirs and gurdwaras behind.
So he came to the conclusion, “Khalistan because there is Pakistan!” But his far seeing dad cautioned him.
“NO son, NO Khalistan! You are needed to encourage the MAJORITY community and lead them in the struggle to smash “Pakistan” that is as offensive to us as it is to the MAJORITY community.
“We must look to the FUTURE and save our energies to take the capital of Punjab back from pseudo-secular Nehru’s “Union Territory” of Chandigarh to historic LAHORE, the seat of powerful Maharaja Ranjit Singh!
“None will need to apply to our former FELLOW INDIANS for visa or permission to visit our holy gurdwaras in West Punjab!”
The proud Sikh agreed. So did all the DEMORALISED “SLEEPY” MAJORITY COMMUNITY that suddenly recalled QUETTA, KARACHI AND DHAKA- and the “Jauhars”, too, that had been deleted from history books by dishonest historians. (

19 Dec 17