Date: 28/12/2017

I agree fully with you. Khyber pass has been the historical last frontier of India. We must recapture Pakistan to restore India's borders right up to Khyber pass - even beyond as Hari Singh Nalwa did.


Thank you, Sir, this is the optimism, self-confidence, pride & patriotism that we require from our leaders to recapture our own territory from the tottering, corruption-ridden, FAILED notorious terrorist State called Pakistan.

Bangladesh will follow suit automatically when we start rounding up MILLIONS of illegal "Bogusdeshis" roaming across Bharat as "vote bank" and start sending them back with our RESOLUTE WILL just as shown by Myanmar.

If the few despicable traitors (bogus barristers) could do such immnense damage to India, surely our COMBINED force, genius and intellect, can overpower the MORONS and recover our priceless SACRED territory ("Dharti Mata") right up to KHYBER.

Just think of the few hundred soldiers under the command of Gen Hari Singh Nalwa who defeated the Afghans and captured KHYBER PASS!

And now when we are ONE BILLION we are all "deflated tyres" with NO spark to unite and BOND again, in order to pursue one goal: "Frontier back to Khyber!" We must look one billion "jackals" or "rats" to those few hundred "lions" of the powerful Sikh Kingdom who gave Bharat such a noble and befitting frontier!

We all know that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Only THINKING makes it so!"

And none has thought of the over 300,000,000 MUSLIMS now living in Bharat, who profess loyalty to Bharat, and whose combined force, when properly channelled, is the equivalent of a thousand nuclear bombs. Why can't they be motivated, moved or inspired, to "serve" their Motherland Bharat?

Yes, the IRONY! They will be more than willing to do so BUT no Hindu leader has thought of using them for the national good.

Like the common man upon whose dead body Lahore was surrendered, the Hindu leader, too, is deficient if not dead altogether.

What is this collapse and despair due to, when it comes to Akhand Bharat? Lack of self confidence? Lack of faith? Inferiority complex? Lack of manhood? Lack of ideas? Lack of courage? Lack of patriotism? Lack of motivation?

Are we only to chant "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!" and give Hajj subsidies to Bhais and appease them through Article370 in J&K State, while NOT expecting the "Bhais" to lift a little finger to dissolve both bogus Islamic States that suddenly appeared on the Hindus' dead body in 1947! These Islamic States, totally out of tune with the 21st century, will go when the dead Hindu wakes up, even STANDS UP, and starts advancing with his "Bhais", reclaiming our country.

So, let us imagine that the UNITED thought of ONE BILLION Hindus has turned into ACTION! "Frontier back to Khyber" is no more an insurmountable challenge. The goal is in sight. It is attainable! After all, we have the Muslims in INDIA, combined with our own genius, to give the idea a big manly THRUST forward.

Even to keep this goal in our hearts when we die will be far more pleasing and satisfying than the horrible thought, "The India at the time of my birth had grand and decent natural frontiers but the India in which I shall die is a defeated clipped and much reduced & weakened Bharat."

Most of us already think that the frontier passing through Wagah is a vulgarity, an INSULT to the grand and glorious Province of Punjab- with noble Bengal and beautiful Kashmir NO LESS in our esteem.

THIS IS THE NATIONAL GOAL (Subject line above) for as long as it takes. It must be enshrined in the new Constitution of Bharat. Therefore, it is high time to get all the "THINK TANKS" working flat out!

Sadly, Bharat has NO leader if none can mention “PARTITION”. HOW can this demoralised, terrified, scared, leaderless, nation of ONE BILLION, even contemplate the idea of UNDOING it?



28 Dec 17