Date: 18/01/2018

Whoever writes the new Constitution is requested to put the word "Hindu" in the name of the country and the name of the country ought to be "Hindusthan" or "Bharat".

MUSLIMS cannot be conceded EQUAL rights and privileges with the Hindus in view of their deceitful & treacherous capture of one third of India in 1947 where the "Bhais" (of fake "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!" notoriety!) massacred over TWO MILLION secular and tolerant Hindus and raped hundreds of thousands of our girls and women in the year 1947 alone.

There ought to be the provision of automatic right of abode in Hindusthan of any Hindu or Sikh arriving from any Islamic republic to seek asylum. Bharat is supposed to be the "Mata" ("MOTHER") of all the people living happily in PRE PARTITION India- and that includes the Hindus (and Sikhs) betrayed by our top national leaders, like MK Gandhi and JL Nehru, who "went along" with Partition like a DOG ON LEAD, or helplessly like the sheep in abattoir.

Obviously there will be neither Article 370 in the new Constitution nor the "hajj" subsidies and special privileges for the Muslim minority any more.

The Koran that the Muslims in Hindusthan will be allowed to possess, and read, will have all the derogatory insulting or threatening references for KAFIRS (Hindus), JEWS & CHRISTIANS, marrying up to FOUR wives or minor girls, and "easy talaaq" deleted.

Finally the new Map of Hindusthan will be the one of 1947 pre Partition. The border with the two ISLAMIC republics taken out of India in 1947 will be shown as DOTTED LINES with the words "Occupied Hindusthan" instead of "Pakistan" and "Bangladesh" respectively. Those territories were surrendered without Referendum, without transfer of population and without any condition in lieu of the LAND surrendered. That surrender was illegal, immoral, undemocratic, unethical, unsecular, fraudulent and BOGUS. Hence to be rejected outright if we Hindus (and the other natives of land) possess the least sense of patriotism, pride, self-esteem, honour and a serious commitment to Secularism.

19 Jan 18