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Dear All

Sad story of Kashmiri pandits may work as eye opener for all who believe that they are safe in india .

“Ethnic Cleansing”, Mass Killing, Murder, Torture, Rape, Deportation and Displacement of Kashmiri Pundits “the expulsion of an ‘undesirable’ population from a given territory due to religious or ethnic discrimination, political, strategic or ideological, A Case for International Criminal Court
considerations, or a combination of those.” B-F, 1993.

January 19 is etched into the heart, mind and soul of the Kashmiri Pundits.

This day marks the anniversary of the purported Azaadi (Independence) uprising in the Kashmir Valley, leading to the “ethnic cleansing” of around 400,000 Kashmir Pundits.

This day heralded the rejection of Indian rule by protesting Kashmiri Islamists.
For us, the Pundits, this day marks the unleashing of the reign of Islamic Terror.


Name: Sarwanand Kaul Premi (64 years), Virender Kaul (27 years) Resident of: Soaf Shali, District Anantnag
Profession: Retired Teacher, Central Govt. Service respectively. Date of Killing: 30.4.1990
Name: Tika Lal Taploo
Date of Birth: 6th Oct, 1927
Date of Assassination: 14.09.1989 Residence: Habba Kadal, Srinagar

Name: Bansi Lal Sapru
Date of Birth: 30.2.1945
Date of Assassination: 24.4.1990 Date of Assassination: 24.8.1990 Date of Assassination: 24.6.1990 Date of Assassination: 31.10.1989 Residence: Gulab Bagh, Srinagar Residence: Kralkhud, Srinagar Residence: Chattabal, Srinagar Residence: Dalhasanyar, Srinagar
Name: Nila Kanth Ganjoo
Father's Name: Mahadev Ganjoo Date of Assassination: 4.10.1989 Residence: Karan Nagar, Srinagar
Name: Radha Krishen Kaw Date of Birth: 18.5.1931
Name: Ashwani Kumar Garyali Date of Birth: 23.4.1965
Name: Sheela Koul (Tiku) Date of Birth: December 1942

Name: Prem Nath Bhat
Date of Birth: 5.12.1932
Date of Assassination: 27.12.1989 Residence: Anantnag

Name: Pushker Nath Razdan
Date of Birth: 18.3.1943
Date of Assassination: 12.10.1990 Residence: Khonmuha, Pulwama

Name: Chand Ji Kher
Date of Birth: 2.3.1972
Date of Assassination: 17.7.1990 Residence: Vessu, Anantnag

Name: Raj Nath Dhar
Date of Birth: 7.8.1931
Date of Assassination: 30.6.1990 Residence: Alikadal, Srinagar

Name: Jagar Nath Pandita
Date of Birth: 17.11.1943
Date of Assassination: 7.10.1990 Residence: Bagatpora, Handwara

Name: Omkar Nath Wali
Date of Birth: 4.5.1935
Date of Assassination: 2.1.1991 Residence: Vessu, Anantnag

Name: Kanya Lal Peshin
Date of Birth: 4.10.1937
Date of Assassination: 19.10.1991 Residence: Pazalpora, Bandipora

Name: Dilip Kumar
Date of Birth: 8.7.1962
Date of Assassination: 19.5.1990 Residence: Mujamarag, Pulwama

Name: Veer Ji Bhat
Date of Birth: 31.1.59
Date of Assassination: 13.5.1990 Residence: Nagam, Badgam

Name: Surinder Kumar Koul
Date of Birth: 4.5.1971
Date of Assassination: 26.8.1991 Residence: Batagund, Handwara

Name: Ravinder Kumar Pandita Date of Birth: 4.10.1958
Date of Assassination: 25.4.1990 Residence: Mattan, Anantnag

Name: Bushan Lal Koul
Date of Birth: 14.6.1948
Date of Asassination: 16.5.1990 Residence: Kulagam, Anantnag

Name: D.P. Khazanchi
Date of Birth: 6.10.1939

Date of Assassination: 6.10.90 Residence: Kaniya Kadal, Srinagar
Name: Usha Kumari Koul
Date of Birth: 13.6.1949

Date of Assassination: 14.10.1990 Date of Assassination: 30.6.1990 Residence: Ali Kadal, Srinagar Residence: Khankai, Srinagar
Name: Dina Nath Mujoo
Date of Birth: 8.8.1910
Date of Assassination: 6/7.4.1990 Residence: Rawalpora, Srinagar
Name: Nila Kanth Raina Date of Birth: 7.8.1924

Name: Chaman Lal Koul
Date of Birth: 10.7.1944
Date of Assassination: June 1990 Residence: Chattabal, Srinagar

Name: Anil Bhan
Date of Birth: 8.6.1963
Date of Assassination: 16.2.1990

Name: Pushker Nath Koul
Date of Birth: 10.6.1941
Date of Assassination: 22.4.1990 Residence: Bijbehara, Anantnag

Name: A.K. Raina
Date of Birth: 4.6.1946
Date of Assassination: 20.3.1990 Residence: Kandi Khas, Handwara

Name: Keshav Nath Pandit
Date of Birth: 20.1.1919
Date of Assassination: 9.12.1988 Residence: Noorpoora, Tral, Pulwama

Name: Durga Nath Rafiz
Date of Birth: 11.10.1942
Date of Assassination: 3.6.1992 Residence: Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar

Name: Shyam Lal Shalla
Date of Birth: 4.7.1939
Dare of Assassination: 1.5.1990 Residence: Sopore, Baramulla

Name: Rattan Lal Raina
Date of Birth: 6.5.1947
Date of Assassination: 18.8.90 Residence: Rainawari, Srinagar

Name: Shanker Nath Tiku
Date of Birth: 4.8.1920
Date of Assassination: 20.8.1990 Residence: Badgam

Name: D.N. Chowdhary
Date of Birth: June, 1935
Date of Assassination: 9.8.1990 Residence: Indira Nagar, Srinagar

Name: Omkar Nath Raina
Date of Birth: 13.6.1949
Date of Assassination: 11.5.1990 Residence: Deviangan, Srinagar

Name: Ramesh Kumar Raina
Date of Birth: 4.7.1959
Date of Assassination: 28.5.1990 Residence: Rainawari, Srinagar

Name: Ram Nath Koul
Date of Birth: 22.5.1935
Date of Assassination: 5.8.1990 Residence: Habbakadal, Srinagar

Name: Hridey Nath Bhat
Date of Birth: 6.4.1937
Date of Assassination: 10.9.1990 Residence: Wuyann, Pulwama

Name: Chaman Lal Pandita
Date of Birth: 4.9.1955
Date of Assassination: 21.5.1990 Residence: Kawoosa, Badgam

Name: Vasudev Pandita
Date of Birth: 7.9.1941
Date of Assassination: 11.8.1990 Residence: Rohama, Baramulla

Name: Bansi Lal Raina
Date of Birth: 14.3.1963
Date of Assassination: 27.5.1990 Residence: Chattergul, Anantnag

Name: Ramesh Razdan
Date of Birth: 8.2.1952
Date of Assassination: 25.7.1990 Date of Assassination: 17.6.1990 Date of Assassination: 16.6.90 Residence: Rainawari, Srinagar Residence: HabbaKadal Srinagar Residence: Shopian, Anantnag
Name: Jawahar Lal Ganjoo
Date of Birth: 15.7.1940
Date of Assassination: 17.6.1990 Residence: Habba Kadal Srinagar

Name: Satish Kumar Raina Date of Birth: 6.9.1966
Date of Assassination: 25.6.90 Residence: Ishbar, Nishat

Name: K.L. Ganjoo and Prana Ganjoo Date of Assassination: 4.11.1990 Residence: Sopore
Name: Durga Koul
Date of Birth: 8.10.1934
Name: Rajinder Kumar Tiku Date of Birth: 16.1.1962

Name: Sarla Bhat
Date of Birth: 30.9.1966
Date of Asassination: 18/19.4.1990 Residence: New Qazi Bagh, Anantnag

Name: Jagar Nath Koul
Date of Birth: 7.8.1940
Date of Assassination: 20.4.1990 Residence: Qazigund, Anantnag

Name: Ramesh Peer
Date of Birth: 14.5.1961
Date of Assassination: 6.5.90 Residence: Vicharnag, Srinagar

Name: Mrs Prana Ganjoo
Date of Birth: 10.4.1945
Date of Assassination: 17.6.1990 Residence: Habakadal Srinagar

Name: Dina Nath
Date Killed on: 13.4.1990

Name: Rajinder Prasad Killed on: 15.12.1990
Name: Shuban Lal Kullan
Name: Radha Krishan Koul Killed on: 05.04.1990 Place: Karan-Nagar

Name: Janki Nath Killed on: 26.7.1990
Name: Bansi Lal Killed on: 30.8.1990
Name: Dwarika Nath Killed on: 13.9.1990
Name: Omkar Nath Kak R/O: Tarhaman
Killed on: 29.8.1990

Name: Ramesh Kumar Killed on: 28.5.1990
Name: Raju Sharma Killed on: 8.6.1990
Name: Avtar Krishan Killed on: 14.6.1990
Name: Chota Lal Residence: Maisuma Killed on: 7.6.1990
Name: Shri Tapoo
Name: Choni Lal Koul R/O: Churath, Kulgam

Name: Smt. Roopawati Bhan
Date of Birth: 25.4.1966/4.7.1947 Date of Assassination: 28.6.90 Residence: Pulwama, Darsu
Name: Prem Nath Bhat Residence: Anantnag
Name: Sushil Kotru Residence: Rainawari, Srinagar
Name: Satish Tikoo
Date of Birth: 26.01.1962
Date of Killing: 02-02-1990 Residence: Karfalli Moh., Srinagar

Name: Tej Krishen Razdan (Age: 30s) Resident of: Yachgam (District Budgam) Profession: Central Govt. Service
Date of Killing: 11.02.1990

Name: Mrs. Ganju Residence: Banamohalla
... and counting......

Name: Girija Tickoo (Age: Late 20s) Profession: Teacher
Date Or Killing: 25.6.1990
Sawed into two after being gang raped...

Name: Shiban Kishen Koul
Fathers Name: Radha Krishen Koul Date of Birth: 13.5.1953
Date of Assassination: 15/16.7.1990 Residence: Ashmuji, Kulgam, Anantnag

Name: B. K. Ganjoo (Age:30s) Resident of: Chota Bazar, Srinagar Profession: Central Govt. Service Date of Killing: 22.3.1990

Name: Ramesh Kumar Raina Resident of: Rainawari, Srinagar Date of Killing: 31.6.1990

Name: Ashok Kumar Qazi (Age: 30s) Resident of: Shashyar, Srinagar Profession: Worked in the Handicrafts Deptt Date of Killing: 24.2.1990

Name: P. N. Kaul
Resident of: Bijbihara, District Anantnag Profession: Shopkeeper
Date of Killing: 22.3.1990

Skinned and left to die.....
Name: Bhushan Lal Raina (Age: 29 years) Resident of: Ompora, District Budgam Profession: Worked in SKIMS, Soura Date of Killing: 28.4.1990

Name: Mujoo and two unknown Date of Killing: First week of July 1990
Name: Dina Nath Mujoo (Age: 75 years) Resident of: Rawalpora, Srinagar Profession : Retired Govt employee Date of Killing: 7.7.1990
Name: Shri Ashok Kumar Age: 30s
Resident of: Pulwama Profession: Not known
Date of Killing: Not available

Name: Damodar Saroop Raina (Age: 65 years) Resident of: Dambeloo (Anantnag) Profession: Retired Govt. employee
Name: B. L. Raina (Age: 35 years) Resident of: Dambeloo (Anantnag) Profession: Govt. employee
Date of Killing: 26.6.1990

Name: Ashok Suri Resident of: Kralpora Profession: Driver
Name: Chuni Lal Shalla
Resident of: Sopore
Profession: Inspector of Police, J&K Govt.
Name: Hridaya Nath and Radha Krishen Resident of: Habba Kadal, Srinagar
Date of Killing: 9.7.1990

Their bodies were found with chopped heads.
Name: Asha Koul Residence: Achabal
Name: Babli Raina Residence: Sopore, Baramulla
Name: Zinda Lal Pandita
Father's Name: Prakash Ram Pandita Date of Birth: 4.4.1931
Date of Assassination: 6.10.1990 Residence: Bagatpora, Handwara
Name: Ashok Kumar Bazaz
Father's Name: Ram Joo Bazaz Residence: Baghi Sunder Balla Chattabal
Name: Gopi Nath Raina
Father's Name: Govind Ram Raina Date of Birth: 1.1.1941
Date of Assassination: 7.7.1990 Residence: Manigam, Ganderbal
Name: Maheshwar Nath Bhat Father's Name: Zana Bhat
Date of Birth: 20.6.1921
Date of Assassination: 15.10.1990 Residence: Hazuri Bagh, Srinagar

Name: Makhan Lal Raina
Father's Name: Gopi Nath Raina Date of Birth: 23.3.1938
Date of Assassination: 22.6.1990 Residence: Kharyar, Srinagar

Name: M.L. Bhan
Resident of: Ompura, Badgam Date of Killing: January1990
Name: Navin Saproo (Age:30s) Resident of: Habba Kadal, Srinagar Profession:Central Govt. Service Date of Killing: 27.2.1990

Name: Ashok Kumar
Father's Name: Basker Nath
Date of Birth: 2.5.1963
Date of Assassination: 13.5.1990 Residence: Pulwama

Name: Surinder Kumar Raina Father's Name: Jia Lal Raina Date of Birth: 19.3.1967
Date of Assassination: 2.5.1990 Residence: Tullamulla, Ganderbal

Name: Jia Lal Kaw
Father's Name: Ganesh Kaw Date of Birth: 4.7.1925
Date of Assassination: 5.5.90 Residence: Kawpora, Handwara

Name: Manmohan Bachloo Father's Name: Janki Nath Bachloo Date of Birth: 5.12.1963
Date of Assassination: 18.5.1990 Residence: Qazihama, Baramulla
Name: Ajay Kapoor
Father's Name: Shiva Nath Kapoor
Date of Birth: 16.7.1940
Date of Assassination: 1.12.1989 Residence: Old Postoffice, Sr. Gunj Srinagar

Name: Suresh Kumar Kisoo
Father's Name: Not known
Date of Birth: Not known
Date of Assassination: 17.5.1990 Residence: Raghu Nath Mandir, Srinagar

Name: Bharat Bushan Koul
Date of Assassination: 22.5.1990 Residence: Ompora, Badgam
Name: Bansi Lal Misri
Father's Name: Jia Lal Misri
Date of Birth: 8.9.1960
Date of Assassination: 27.3.1990 Residence: Hyderpora, Badgam

Name: Sushil Kumar Kotru
Father's Name: R.K. Kotru
Date of Birth: 8.3.1973
Date of Assassination: 23.4.1990 Residence: Bagadaji, Rainawari, Srinagar

Name: Bal Krishen Tutoo
Father's Name: Vish Nath Tutoo
Date of Birth: 3.3.1930
Date of Assassination: 6.6.1990 Residence: Sheshyar, Habbakadal Srinagar

Name: Damodar Swaroop Raina Father's Name: Veshya Joo Raina Date of Birth: April, 1927
Date of disappearance: 2.6.1990 Residence: Frisal, Anantnag

Name: Dr. (Mrs) Soni
Father's /Husband's Name: Ved Lal Sumbli Date of Birth: 8.11.1912
Date of Assassination: 18.7.1990 Residence: Karan Nagar, Srinagar

Name: Daya Ram Koul
Father's Name: Sona Koul
Date of Birth 2.4.1916
Date of Assassination: 13.6.1990 Residence: Chitragam, Shopian

Name: M.L.Bhan
Date of Assassination: 15.1.1990 Residence: Ompora, Badgam

Name: Bhushan Lal Koul
Father's Name: Sham Lal Koul
Date of Birth: Not known
Date of Assassination: 2.7.1990 Residence: Ashamam, Habbakadal, Srinagar.

Name: Avtar Krishen
Father's Name: Pt. Sham Lal
Date of Birth: July, 1962
Date of Assassination: March, 1990 Residence: Pulwama

Name: Ashok Suri
Father's Name: Not known
Date of Birth: Not known
Date of Assassination: Not known Residence: Kralpora, Badgam

Name: B.L. Raina
Father's Name: Damodar Swaroop Raina Date of Birth: 4.7.1955
Date of Assassination: 26.6.1990 Residence: Frisal (Anantnag)

Name: Pitti Koul
Husband's Name: Makhan Lal Koul Date of Birth: 1.3.1938
Date of Assassination: 7.11.1990 Residence: Mandir Bagh, Srinagar

Name: Prithivi Nath Koul
Father's Name: Raghu Nath Koul
Date of Birth: 14.4.1941
Date of Assassination: 5.6.90 Residence: Damhal Hanjipora, Kulagam

Name: Brij Nath Shah
Date of Birth: 8.12.1938
Date of Assassination: 27.4.1990

Name: Lassa Koul
Father's Name: Pt. Raghee Nath Koul Date of birth: March, 1943
Date of assassination: 13.2.1990 Residence: Bemina, Srinagar

Name: Ved Lal Bhat
Father's Name: Nand Lal Bhat Date of Birth: 10.5.1933
Date of Assassination: 26.7.1990 Residence: Sopore, Baramulla

Name: Ashok Kumar Pandita Father's Name: Jagar Nath Pandita Date of Birth: 1.4.1963
Date of Assassination: 12.6.1990 Residence: Sofi Haman, Sopore
Name: Jawahar Lal Bhat
Father's Name: Vasudev Bhat
Date of Birth: 8.6.1933
Date of Assassination: 5.7.1990 Residence: Darbagh, Harwan, Srinagar

Name: Mrs. Sohan Lal Braroo Husbands Name: Sohan Lal Braroo Date Birth: 8.10.1940
Date of Assassination: 30.4.1992 Residence: Brayikujan, Srinagar
Name: Brij Nath Koul Residence: Shopian Pulwama
Name: Autar Krishen Pandita
Father's Name: Maheshwar Nath Pandita Date of Birth: 4.3.1967
Date of Assassination: 12.8.1990 Residence: Rohama, Sopore Baramulla

Name: Shrimati Roopawati Bhan
Date of Birth: 25.4.1966/4.7.1947
Date of Assassination: 28.6.90/28.6.90 Residence: Pulwama, Darsu
........... And the Massacres.......

Wandhama Massacre, 25 January 1998 -
23 Pundits Martyred.
Nandimarg Massacre, 23 March 2003 -
24 Pundits Martyred.

This verse is from chapter eight entitled, The Spoils of War:
Quran 8:12 - “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed [Muslims]. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved [non-Muslims], so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”
This is exactly what we were subjected to...

This ethnic cleansing was not the work of a few Islamic militants, but by everyone who was a Muslim.
One of a kind episode where there was no retaliation, and the Pundits quietly suffered.

We were subjected to ethnic cleansing, and we willingly are suffering from ethnic amnesia.

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Subject: Re: {UnitedHinduFront} January 19th is black day
Friends, are we not ashamed to learn about the fate of Kashmiri Hindus within Hindusthan?
> No country on earth can survive where the majority community is scared of the minority and panders to their interests to survive, where the members of MAJORITY community can raped and killed with impunity and be forced out of their homes..
>Even the BJP government is not picking up the courage to declare that the HINDUS cannot be messed about with anywhere in the country. The sight of Islamic cloak & dagger- and menace, should have vanished for ever in August 1947!
>And, ironically, we may openly say in view of the despicable plight of the DEFENCELESS, HELPLESS, SCARED Hindus from West Bengal to South Kashmir, and Kerala, too, that-
>"They (the Hindus) need protection like the small girls in areas where abduction and rape has become the "way of life". In other words, HINDUS IN HINDUSTHAN NEED PROTECTION, DAY AND NIGHT, LIKE THE LITTLE ZAINABS OF KASUR and the NIRBHAYAS OF DELHI."
>Why is the Hindu MANHOOD being "decomposed & crushed" deliberately, as per State policy? Why is there the bust of Gandhi in Prime Minister's office instead of the one of Gen Hari Singh Nalwa or SHIVAJI?
>19 Jan 18
>Subject: {UnitedHinduFront} January 19th is black day
January 19th is black day in political history of Bharat post-1947. It was on this day in 1990 that secular custodians of our Mother India allowed Islamists to Islamise Kashmir 100% by hounding out wholesale original inhabitants, Hindus. Now, they are replicating Kashmir in Jammu region