Date: 21/01/2018


IDEOLOGY (also known as "permanent interest") is the underlying motivation of a State that is consistent irrespective of space and time. It determines the PERMANENT interest, attitude or outlook of a State and community.

For example a Muslim will be anti Kafir even if he is the friendliest person on earth because in his KORAN a Kafir is perceived to be the enemy of Islam.

When we come to India, which is multi-religious &, multi-cultural, populated with those who came to loot and convert and with very centralised system of government, mixing with the natives (Hindus), influencing, shaping and moulding the latter to suit the interests of the rulers. Accordingly the Hindu psychology and mentality is most demented and dangerously abnormal.

In this awkward and unnatural human mix the Sikhs are like the nails (or screws) that are not "FULLY DRIVEN INTO THE WOOD".

The vast majority of population is HINDU and during the long centuries of SLAVERY they have been battered, beaten and thrashed into PULP with the spinal cord and guts taken out. Hence they are fascinated by GANDHI, Guru Nanak and Guru Tegh Bahadur, but scared of Guru Gobind Singh ji who took the game to its conclusion by uttering, "Choon Kaar as Hameh Hileh darguzasht, Halal ast burden b-shamsheer dast!" That is where the Sikhs' IDEOLOGICAL clash with the Gandhian Hindus begins.

Our fate was sealed in 1947 due to cunning and crafty NEHRU who was ideological brother of Jinnah and possibly a secret convert to Islam just like his daughter Indira who concealed her real name MAIMOONA BEGUM from the Hindu masses. It was natural for her to look at the Sikhs through the eyes of Aurangzeb.

In 1947 the Sikhs, had either to oppose Partition tooth and nail, for which there was no hope of success due to conceding "Goat" Gandhi who was already sold out to Jinnah. Or they had to shout, "KHALISTAN BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN!" But the leaderless Sikh community could neither avail of the golden opportunity in history to crush Pakistan, NOR show the wisdom to connect Pakistan and Khalistan- that was the RIGHT thing to do in 1947.

However, now it is too late. In the last 70 years the ruling Dynasty+Congress Party have brainwashed the Hindus (majority community) to DE-LINK Pakistan from Khalistan & even Kashmir. That is how the SIKHS lost their most effective psychological and ideological moment in history and are now effectively isolated and weakened, scattered across the globe with the Congress "SWINE" looking after their Land of Gurus, Roots & Spirituality.

In the light of the above you may enlighten the SIKHS IN GENERAL about the future course of action. Sooner or later the "HINDU HOUSE OF CARDS" will collapse when the Muslims in the THREE fragments of pre Partition INDIA unite to deliver COUP DE GRACE to the dying old Hindu cow that is wounded & "bleeding" in Kashmir and West Bengal.

Finally, the Sikhs, the People of Frontier (now the frontier has fallen down from KHYBER to WAGAH, thus making EAST Punjab the new "Frontier" Province of truncated Bharat) cannot afford to ignore or overlook the Will of God that is expressed in two ways:

1. Those who captured Lahore easily will capture Delhi eventually; &
2. The "rats" who were following Gandhi in 1947, and could not defend Lahore & Dhaka can NOT defend Delhi even if they wear the coat of lions!"

21 Jan 18.