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Thank you. Those who were born much before 1947 (some are still alive) cannot get reconciled to that "Partition" and the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of five provinces and important places like LAHORE, KASUR and Sri NANKANA SAHIB- in perpetuity.

The Constitution is FAKE because it does not mention PARTITION nor defines the Muslims in Bharat as SECOND NATION. The "dogs" who wrote and accepted this Constitution (that acknowledges fundamentalist Islam on either side but dishonestly replaces Hindu Dharma by pseuro-Secularism in Bharat) also acknowledged the MUSLIMS to be a distinctly separate nation and on THIS basis alone conceded Pakistan on August 15, 1947 but one day later, on August 16, 1947, the SAME Muslims became "indigenous" and "brothers" and part of our ONE nation!

Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) became independent, and enacted a Constitution but degraded the STATES by extra powers conceded to CENTRE.

Had the "smashed" Indians any self esteem they would have insisted on their STATES to be as free as those in the United States (of America) and those in the European Union. BUT NO. The Indian Prime Minister in the year when the "Constitution of Coolies" was enacted was as AUTOCRATIC and ALMIGHTY as Aurangzeb. He (NEHRU) could even groom his own daughter for his chair and then, demeaning the Constitution, we had his grandson, the BOFORS CHOR, in 1984, playing "Hell" with democracy.

In P.I.S.S. today, the only people who are free and independent are the POLICE, the MILLIONAIRES and the BABOOS. The rest are still SLAVES who live in a country that can be compared to a HEADLESS CHICKEN if we care to notice the absence of the Head (North Kashmir) and also of the HEART (Lahore)!

This is how those, born before the birth of Pakistan, look at BHARAT and her CONSTITUTION.

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26 January 2018.
PS: Thank you for showing the map of genuine India (below) before her MURDER & BEHEADING in 1947. Unlike traitor Nehru and coward Gandhi WE ARE STILL LOYAL TO IT, AND THIS IS OUR BHARAT THAT THIS CONSTITUTION OUGHT TO HAVE COVERED!

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Subject: Meaning of, the 'Republic of India'

Meaning of, the 'Republic of India'

We always celebrate Independence day on 15th August with great pomp and joy because that is the day in 1947 when we became free. Did we?

The British did not give Independence to India and Pakistan on 15th August 1947. We merely became the 'Dominion of India', a country that still had King George VI as the sovereign. Mistakenly vast majority of the the Congress leadership and the Indian public thought and still think this was freedom. Why not? Our history books remain silent on these important facts.

A 'dominion' is an autonomous community within the British Empire but united by a common allegiance to the Crown. India continued to be ruled by the British monarch and his representatives, headed by the Governor General, Lord Mountbatten. Nehru was appointed Prime Minister and ranked fourth in the hierarchy of government. Top leadership of all key institutions including our army, navy and airforce were held by British officers still loyal to the Crown.

An unwilling Britain freed India from her colonial clutches only under duress, but they had plans to return. They divided their 17 provinces into three distinct parts between India and Muslim Pakistan and left approx.600 kingdoms which occupied half of India to choose to join either of the two new countries or remain independent.

The British approach was that, Indians would not be able govern themselves and that the British would soon be back as saviours at the request of India.

It was the will and capabilities of the Iron man of India Sardar Vallabhai Patel assisted by V.P. Menon, who convinced most of the kingdoms including Kashmir to accede to what we now know as a pluralistic and secular India.

In the meanwhile, Dr. BR Ambedekar led a committee that drafted the Indian constitution.
India remained a 'Constitutional Monarchy' until 26 Jan 1950, when we adopted our own constitution, replacing the British Monarch by our own Head of State Shri. C. Rajagopalachari.
We may have become free but we still carry the burden of much useless baggage from the past. An idea can be obtained from a clarification given by Dr. Ambedkar in the Rajya Sabha on 2nd Sept 1953 that, “People always keep saying to me: ‘Oh, you are the maker of the Constitution.’ My answer is I was a hack. What I was asked to do, I did much against my will.

My friends tell me that I have made the Constitution. But I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it out. I do not want it. It does not suit anybody….”
Pakistan remained a British dominion right up to 1956 before becoming that unsustainable entity called 'The Islamic Republic of Pakistan'. Whose history has validated the theory that there is no room for pluralism, secularism and tolerance within a theocracy.

This day is important because this is the actual date of our re-independence and not Aug 15 1947.
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Written and Posted: Jan 2018 by : Gurvinder Singh
Blog Post: Meaning of, the 'Republic of India'
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