Date: 31/01/2018


Systems either EVOLVE over centuries, as in India, at their own speed and while some show HEALTHY growth the others begin to wilt and rot, especially if interfered with.

The evolution of HINDU way of life was suddenly shattered by violent interference (invasions) by the MUSLIM INVADERS and the EUROPEAN colonisers. The EVOLUTION stopped and the growth became STUNTED - and in the end STINKING.

In 1947 our Hindu nation was found badly DECOMPOSED, totally unfit to defend Life and Land. 70 years have passed and still the system is ROTTEN to the core- apparently gone WORSE.

There is CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, CASTE SYSTEM, DEGRADATION OF FEMALES due to frequent RAPE, RED TAPE, and mounting FRUSTRATION due to feudalism, casteism and slow and useless courts where cases are stuck for years. This snail's pace evolution will carry on for decades to come. Many crusaders like Mr Modi will come, be thwarted and go, and be gone.

The other way is RAPID SYSTEM CHANGE. That is Change By BLOODSHED. Second World War is one example. Though 50 million people lost their lives Europe emerged as a new system.

Take French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Iranian Revolution and also VIOLENT system change in East Pakistan in 1972. Revolution RENEWS BLOOD of a nation. And it is the best way forwards where indigenous genius FAILS to improve matters through the peaceful process of EVOLUTION.

India is a classic case where the political and moral STAGNATION is crying out for REVOLUTION. Whether we want it or not, Revolution WILL come. One example of system change through REVOLUTION was Partition of India where POOLS OF BLOOD flowed. It was not a peaceful transition of power. Several large provinces like Sindh, Balochistan and East Bengal vanished from the map of India overnight, taking millions of inhabitants down under with them.

Unfortunately no improvement came due to TREACHERY of Nehru who took over. A patriot prime minister then would have taken full advantage of Revolution (and BLOODSHED) and changed the quality of life as we saw in China after Revolution and Japan after BLOODSHED (Second World War)!

Unfortunately the leadership in India is so MEDIOCRE and DULL (or helpless with hands in cuffs and feet in shackles) that they cannot stop Revolution that is knocking on the door.

Interestingly, we can also see its start and the catalyst for it.

The next Revolution in India will be directly due to BOTCHED and INCONCLUSIVE Partition!
IT LIT THE FUSE IN KASHMIR that is still burning. Eventual blow out and conflagration will erupt all over in the shape of CIVIL WAR.

People are unwittingly taking a ride towards their doom. Government is too embroiled in routine. Administration is jammed due to corruption and there are too many FOREIGN and HOSTILE fingers at work. "Second nation" is restive and kicking once again. India offers a text book (classic) example of a fatherless chaotic unruly undisciplined divided centrifugal NATION heading towards its own unstoppable demise.