Date: 04/02/2018

A POSER: Do you think that PM-Modi is a straight forward and tough administrator, or is he "luchur-puchur" (dabbler) like MK Gandhi?"


It is impossible for most of us to even imagine the rotten, endangered, insecure, disgusting and degrading life the Hindus had during those CENTURIES under the rule of barbarians who hated the sight of their terrified Hindu slaves.

The worst was that their Allah had condemned the KAFIRS (Hindus) in Koran as to justify any cruelty perpetrated on them. The CONTEMPT and HATRED of Hindus was so extreme that abduction, rape and beheading of Hindus was common with NO redress from courts and qazis.

There were instances when newly born babies were snatched from mothers, thrown up in the air and then spiked when they fell! Those Moguls and Turks used to laugh when the Hindu mothers fainted in shock and grief. The other instance was the entombing of Guru Gobind Singhji's two little sons, barely five and seven years old! As the wall was going up around them all the time not one Mohammed shouted, "STOP, the little innocent boys are being asphyxiated to death in agony and terror!"

Even in our own life time Nehru, the bosom friend of Jinnah, had so much contempt for Hindus but love & loyalty towards the Muslims that he never considered Referendum, challenge or opposition to Partition (mutilation of Bharat and murder of Secularism)!

Hence it is right to assume that the Islamic TERROR has permeated through the psyche of the Hindus with very few exceptions. Sad to say that Mr Modi is not among the exceptions NOR WAS MK GANDHI.

Terror of Mohammed is so UBIQUITOUS that the Hindu nation is literally "FROZEN" and unable to assert itself even on OWN ground. Nothing could be more "Hindu" for the Hindus than the soil of Bharat! Yet on this HINDU SOIL the Hindus cannot built the Sri Ram Temple, cannot repeal Article 370, cannot buy land or house in Kashmir to settle down there, officially declare the Muslims "SECOND NATION" that was conceded Pakistan, nor even open the case of Partition to find out as to who did what!

That terror, that has PERMEATED the Hindu's BODY, MIND & SOUL, was the reason why Pakistan was accepted INSTANTLY! There was FEAR that the Muslims will slaughter all the Hindus if Partition was opposed. It was that FEAR that stole the victory of recovering the whole of Kashmir from the barbarians. It is that SUBCONSCIOUS terror of Mohammed that tends to ELIMINATE THE SIKHS who are perceived to be the only FORCE who would stand up to the Mohammedans.

The only instance of uprooting and eradicating that TERROR OF MOHAMMED was the ceremony of "Amrit" that turned the "jackals into lions, sparrows attacking the hawks." If there was a FEARLESS soul until recently, then it was the "Amrit-dhari" Sikh who was made to fight the AFGHANS, the GERMAMNS and the JAPANESE in large numbers. Unfortunately Congress + Dynasty have worked hard to "castrate" the SIKHS, too, who were "taught a lesson" both in 1947 and 1984, subjecting them to decimation and massacres.

We have concluded that the most humiliating and degrading slavery under the Mohammedan barbarians deteriorated the very genes of Hindus as a nation. We cannot see any other reason as to why demography in Kashmir cannot be reformed or why that State government cannot be dismissed or why Article 370 cannot be repealed or why the grand national Temple in Ayodhya cannot be constructed or why PARTITION cannot be discussed by Lok Sabha and a thousand other instances where the Hindu nation seems "frozen" into INACTION.

THIS IS ALSO MR MODI'S MISFORTUNE. And we know the reason why! He cannot act decisively against the MUSLIMS- be it in South Kashmir or West Bengal. He is a Buniya, not a Kshatriya.

5 Feb 18

Do you think that PM-Modi is straight forward and a tough administrator or is he luchur-puchur (dabbler) like MK Gandhi?