Date: 07/02/2018

"Kashmiri Muslims want another Partition."

This is NO surprise to those of us (pre Partition generation) who FEARED this when Nehru gave them one third of India while Bapu Gandhi INSISTED on keeping the Muslims back in "Broken" Bharat. Why did Gandhi do this? Was he AFRAID of Muslims, or did he LOVE them more than he loved the Hindus? Or, even did he secretly wish to see the ISLAMIC flag over Delhi, too, as in Lahore? Since both Nehru and Gandhi are our nation's "sacred cows" little investigative work has been carried out to look closer at their ACTIONS and MOTIVATION at the time of PARTITION. In fact, due to severe collective INFERIORITY COMPLEX the Lok Sabha has never discussed PARTITION since 1947 nor has the Supreme Commander ever mentioned the word!

Since we now know both Islam and the Muslim mindset quite well, we have identified two main characteristics of Muslims:

1. Intolerance
2. Separatism.

One can add one more:
1. Lies, deception and fraud.

In 1947 we had the WORST LUCK in having two leaders, selected by the Imperial rulers, for us.
These two, one a Traitor, the other a Coward, took the fate of Hindu nation in their own hands. PEOPLE in their eyes were like the "cattle"- NOT WORTH ASKING or CONSULTING.

They also succeeded in ELIMINATING the two real heroes who were brave and patriots. One was Subhash Chandra Bose and the other Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Thus within weeks the vast Hindu nation METAMORPHOSED from SLAVERY into becoming COOLIES. The fate of India was sealed with the forced surrender of ONE THIRD of our country- a huge loss that most cannot even comprehend. That ONE betrayal of Secularism and Akhand Bharat (accepting Partition) created a thousand more problems, one being Kashmir!

The "Dirty Duo" (Nehru & Gandhi) accepted a hotch potch political solution that violated common sense as well as the UN Charter of Equality of Man. Above all, it was kept simple for the Muslim MORONS to understand.

The idea of giving separate TERRITORY of India to the Muslim majority areas left the question open, "Is the yardstick only for 1947, or is it for ever in the future?"

If the Maharaja's signatures (document of accession of J & K) can keep a Muslim majority State in India then what about LAHORE that would have decided to stay in India being 75% Hindu/Sikh? And what about CHITTAGONG, GILGIT & CHITRAL, the Buddhist areas that were not consulted but simply handed over to the MUSLIM Jehadis and "butchers"?

So Kashmiri Muslims will never accept to stay in secular (and Hindu majority) Bharat. Article 370 that treats J&K as a specially privileged State also deepens the separatist feelings of the Kashmiri Muslims and ENCOURAGES THEM TO REVOLT.

Finally, to our bad luck, India was handed over to ANTI HINDU / ANTI BHARAT (Nehru) Dynasty and (Congress) Party, to misrule, exploit and plunder, sowing seeds of confusion and divisions!

Mr Modi is a good man but his position reminds us of the ITALIANS and the GERMANS in Ethiopia in World War 2 when the Germans were resolute but their allies, the Italians, were ever ready to run.

Mr Modi also reminds us of the Germans and the Turks in World War 1. The Germans were resolute but the Turks were ever ready to run before the Allies attack. And coming back to our own Bharat in 1699. Guru Gobind Singhji gave every Hindu the opportunity to carry "kirpan" and become a proud warrior but MOST Hindus shunned him and remained in the slavery of the Moguls and later of the British!

The same thing happened in 1947. When Gandhi looked back for his FOLLOWERS to confront the Muslim traitors, HE SAW NONE!, and thus Pakistan was born with utmost ease.

The way forward:
"Ahimsa parmo dharma" is not only stupidity but SUICIDAL, given that the Hindu KILLERS do not believe in it. Is it not foolish to send a man with a stick to fight the one with a machine gun? Not only our weapons but also our IDEOLOGY and BELIEF SYSTEM must be moulded or changed based on the ENEMIES we expect to confront.

8 Feb 18