Date: 10/02/2018

Jawans (soldiers) should not be used as pawns in the case of strategic failure by Government of India and impotence of Lok Sabha ("Gathering of Bleating Goats"). They should be used only when all means have failed. We know very well that "all means" have not even been tried so far!

Before using the Jawans (normally meant to fight foreign INVADERS) the Government should abolish Article 370 that tells the Kashmiri Muslims that they are something very special- a sacred protectorate of "Bandit" Nehru who had a secret understanding with "brother" JINNAH over Kashmir. His "cease-fire" was only to please Jinnah but neither in the interest of Bharat nor Jawans!

People of the State are crying for settlement and peace, but New Delhi is deaf or weak (crippled), or still under the awe and influence of "Bandit" NEHRU'S ghost to keep the State separate and privileged.

Bharat, that clearly lacks RESOLUTE leadership and guts to discuss that bogus Partition in Lok Sabha, has created a dangerous situation for itself that will unsettle the next door EAST Punjab, too, that is getting restive due to (1) unconditional surrender of Lahore (HEART OF PUNJAB) without referendum, (2) Unconditional surrender of the holy town, Sri Nankana Sahib, and (3) the massacres of thousands of innocent Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 for which the bereaved are still seeking justice in the Land of Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singhji.

Someone must realise that at the end of this long smouldering fuse there is a mighty powerful BOMB. How is it that the entire genius of Hindu nation cannot ensure the return of Pandits (Hindus) to their homes in Srinagar (who are in wilderness since 1991, the year when "Bofors Chor" got what he deserved!), and safe tourism in Kashmir as in Switzerland, Spain and France?

Ideally, Bharat (under proud, patriotic & resolute leadership) could even now declare "Partition" null and void unless a Referendum is held or CONDITIONS for the diabolical act are imposed on Pakistan! In the meantime Bharat can also demand the safe return of Hindus and Sikhs to West Punjab just as the world is insisting on the safe return of Rohingya MUSLIMS to Myanmar! Why is the INDIAN human stock considered so INFERIOR, so WORTHLESS, so WEAK?

Finally, what are the IMPLICATIONS of not bringing peace to South Kashmir and of not recovering North Kashmir? Also, what are the IMPLICATIONS of denying justice to a brave and patriotic community like the Sikhs in their own country?

10 Feb 2018