The Congress this, and the Congress that’!

Date: 14/02/2018


The Congress this, and the Congress that’!

It is not surprising that Rahul Gandhi speaks with his foot in the mouth. This 48 years old states in Karnataka that his party always worked for the future-whose future? That is the question. In a way true-It amassed wealth for its future. Look at his shallow talk and false allegations. RG thinks that Modi has to answer the queries he raises-As though he is the great leader of the Opposition .He is only an MP because his mother crowned him the Congress Party’s President and at the same time asserted that she will continue to be the leader of the CPP this dual power Centre party must know that the country is paying for its sins. That was the future it worked for. He has some cheap jibs-Modi drove the vehicle looking at the rear view mirror-‘that is why your vehicle falls into ditch or faces accident’.What a comparison.RG is like a broken gramophone record keeps repeating the same nonsense. He has no substance. He and his family fleeced the country and allowed its sycophants and Italians relatives to loot the country. And he has the gumption to demand from Modi the details of the Rafale deal.He must remember that this country is not his family’s property. He should read the book by O.Mathai and then tell us his relationship to Jinnah and to Sheikh Abdulla. If the country is bleeding today it is the policy of his grandmother’s father-Nehru who bisected this country into three. As though it is his family inheritance. Hence we have the rogue Pakistan abetting and directly involved in terrorism.The men and money India is pumping into for safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation is eating into the resources that would have been otherwise gone to relief the distress of the farmers .It is because of his family’s shortsightedness and arrogance and deceit. Who is this family to give Pakistan to Jinnah and Kashmir to Sheikh Abdulla? What right has it to rob our birthright? Rahul Gandhi must answer this before he seeks answers from Modi on unemployment and farmers distress. These are concomitants of the great betrayal wrought by his family. If Modi harps on these it is because the country has a history and that history will reflect in its today’s and tomorrow’s performances. It cannot like RG just pick up Rafale and employment and GST and give him answers. True that Modi’s promise of employment may not have been fully achieved. But that is again because of the Congress’ past policy. What was the backlog of unemployment? What was the futuristic vision the Congress unfolded for the distressed farmers?It was engaged in scams and the leaders had their own avocation and no time for hard work.Modi would not have realized perhaps that the accumulated debris-sludge-slim and rot of 55 years of misrule-no rule rather-of scams and deceit will be so heavily laid..To clean up this 55 years of accumulated distorted and shredded system will take men and money.To erect new structures will take time. Rahul Gandhi wants Modi to perform a magic and keeps asking where are the jobs-where is the black money. You and your coterie created the black money and you want Modi to bring it back. Are you not ashamed? You are demanding achievements of a five year regime after have remained in power for 55 years.So you caution Modi that time is up-‘start working, you don’t have much time’. How shallow this Rahul Gandhi it. Time is up for what? Is it not time for the Congress to account for its failures –is it not time for the Congress to account for its sins. Is it not time for the Congress to be wiped out of India.

More than non-achievement- the Congress has nurtured treason and abetted treachery and that is reflected in one of its leaders proclaiming that he loves Pakistan. This treacherous man was a close confidante of Rajiv Gandhi-was his school mate and was his draft writer.He was close to the family-held ministerial posts and after he lost his deposit in Tamilnad was made a Rajya Sabha member because he needs to be in circulation in Delhi and available to the Gandhis. It is this party to which RG belongs who has the audacity to demand of Modi to stop giving speeches .According to Rahul Gandhi the country made him the PM to provide jobs for the youth to help farmers and to establish schools and hospitals not to talk about the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi cannot face Modi and cannot listen to Modi delving into the past of the Congress party. This is because what surfaces is nothing but scandalous deceit and deception, of cheating the country, of abetting terrorism and of looting the poor. Hence it hurts. Why should Modi answer the queries of RG? Did the Congress make Modi the PM? And is he the main Opposition leader-He is a hoisted and foisted leader. That is good for the Congress but he cannot pretend to be a leader of the people to question Modi. He must remember that Modi is not the lame duck of a PM which his mother had carefully handpicked to be her puppet? The fact it the Congress has no respect for democracy and for Parliament and parliamentary procedures. Look at the last session-his mother-Edvige Antonia Albania Maino prods the Congress MPs to drown the speech of the PM. What arrogance and how cheap. By running away from truth and facts the Congress party behaves like the ostrich which hides its head in the sand. By drowning the PM’s voice does she and her son think that they can run away from the sins of the Congress. And then suddenly RG asks Modi questions. You can ask provided you have the decency to also listen to him, He is the PM representing the people of this country.. They need to hear what he has to say and follow his thinking. Rahul Gandhi you have nothing better to talk of and to put forth as you get bogged by Jay Shah and Rafale. You cannot put forth your views with substance-some cheap jargons, jibs and now it is rear view mirror of the vehicle! What a disaster you are –one cannot imagine that your mother wants you to be the PM of this ancient and holy country. That itself reveals how for granted she and the Congress party take the nation. It is a far cry in the wilderness because even your allies know what you are and they will never stoop so low as to betray this country and its traditions of democracy. You a dynast stop demanding answers from Modi. You will not get them because his narrative is different and he will expose things in his own statesmanship way of communication.