Date: 17/02/2018


Sat, 17 Feb 2018 17:11

Let us all forget about the history for just a minute.

Modi Ji's government is, by far, the most nationalistic government and supposed to protect all including Hindus.

If I had to vote tomorrow, I shall vote for Modi Ji but having said that, in last 3 and half years, they have done nothing to prevent unfair expansion of Islam in India. At this rate, India is going to become Islamic in a few generations with 100% certainty. Even a child with grade 8 education can calculate that. Hindus chose their best government they could and the unfair Islamic expansion has become worse. HINDUS ARE DESTINED TO TURN ISLAMIC IN A FEW GENERATIONS AND EARLIER THAN ALL OF US ANTICIPATED. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON HORIZON THAT CAN PREVENT THAT, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING..............................

All Indian political parties are selfish, vote bank parties where national interest and protection of Bharat Mata takes a second seat.

Modi Ji and BJP has not banned polygamy for Muslims only that is banned by most of the civilized world because they care for their countries.
Modi Ji and BJP has not taken any serious steps to remove article 370 in Kashmir.
Modi Ji and BJP has connived with PDP Mufti government in Kashmir to release thousands of stone pelters and charged our army including a major with murder FIR's when they tried to save themselves in light threatening situation.

Modi Ji is the first Prime Minister to visit Palestine. These are the same people who want to further dismember India and vote consistently in all forums including UN with Pakistan on Kashmir.

Our leaders are total shame on India and destroyers of Hindu civilization for personal power. If Trump was Indian Prime Minister, he would have solved the Kashmir problem in one or two years.

Shame, shame, shame on Indian leaders who are paying fake regards to Hindus to get their votes and then destroying it to get the votes from the other side.

I have been excellent in mathematics all my life having always scored 100% marks throughout school, college bachelors and masters programs. However it does not take an Einstein to extrapolate these trends. Thousands of years old India partitioned. In Pakistan, Hindus reduced from 15% to 1%, in Bangladesh from 33% to 8%, Hindus decimated from their side of Kashmir, reduced from 46% to 24% on our side of Kashmir. In India, Muslims increased from 8% to 23%.

It is high time, we stop whining about history about which we can do nothing and demand from our present government that they protect Hindus from unfair Islamic practices like polygamy, deliberate, politically motivated excessive breeding, article 370 in Kashmir etc.

If we remain ignorant and apathetic of our God given right to protect ourselves, we shall disappear, as simple as that. Many civilizations have disappeared, ours may take longer than usual. All our ICBM's and Chandrayaan's are of no use in protecting us against internal, unfair Islamic expansion aided by selfish politicians.

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The rogues and the corrupt, and the Italian born "Rashtramata", and Article 370 of brazen separatism & disgusting discrimination (against all other States), have all gone scot free! It's NOT only Manmohan Singh to be brought to justice! There are HUNDREDS more who have been hacking away at the Tree called Bharat since 1947. The Constitution of ONE-SIDED bogus pseudo-secularism (that has crushed Hindu dharma in Delhi, and the Sikh spirit in Amritsar while acknowledging ISLAM as SOVEREIGN in Lahore & Dhaka), is the last nail in the coffin called "Hindusthan" (Bharat).

A country with such dismal record of NEPOTISM, RED TAPE, MALADMINISTRATION, TREACHERY, BETRAYAL & CORRUPTION, without positive moral, spiritual, ideological and patriotic COUNTER FORCES, can only expect to become SLAVE once again. Out there are highly motivated formidable FORCES that are working tirelessly, day and night, to make Hinduism EXTINCT in South Asia and put DELHI under the SAME flag that flies (UNCHALLENGED) over Lahore and SRI NANKANA SAHIB- formidable inimical forces that turned the most magnificent, majestic & revered TEMPLE in Ayodhya into RUINS.

Such a TIMID, IGNORANT & CONFUSED "nation", that is still seeking to "define" itself, is asking for further chaos & confusion, BLOODSHED and surrender of (the remaining) TERRITORY. LAND BELONGS TO THE BOLD.

Gandhi, preaching his "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma", SANK our ship while NETAJI, the fearless fighter, would have rescued it.

There were UNSTOPPABLE forces that overwhelmed India SO EASILY, and took out FIVE provinces on one day. What a SHAME that there can be NO discussion on the role played by the criminals and traitors who brought about, and ACCEPTED, that absurd and bogus "Partition" in 1947. THOSE FORCES HAVE NOT BEEN DESTROYED OR UPROOTED FROM THE SOIL OF (WHAT IS LEFT OF) INDIA.

Hence one can conclude, even be sure, that those INIMICAL FORCES are capable of overwhelming the Rest of India, too, quite easily, eventually. It is just a question of time. And what is helping that disaster to occur is the LETHARGY and lack of interest by the Government and PEOPLE of Partitioned India to discuss that UNCONDITIONAL surrender of vast TERRITORY ("Partition").


17 Feb 18