5th. March, 1947. What happened on that day?

Date: 05/03/2018

5th. March, 1947. What happened on that day?

The following account will not be seen anywhere in PI (Partitioned India), or BB, (Broken Bharat) since the rulers, though Hindu majority, are not willing to clear people’s doubts and misgivings about the unprecedented historic defeat, and the vast territorial surrenders, in 1947 when Khyber, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi and East Bengal were promptly handed over to the INDIAN Muslims (All-India Muslim League) on August 15, 1947 with absolutely NO safeguards for Hindus’ safety or rights. Was it mere oversight or blunder by barristers Gandhi and Nehru, or a capital crime deserving corporal punishment?

Two years earlier the whole world had united to punish the aggressor (NAZI Germany) who was forced to sign unconditional surrender while in Hindusthan the aggressor (“Mohammed”) succeeded with hands down, and was well rewarded, making the Hindus sign the unconditional surrender!
Some “leaders” we had! And some “nation” we are, still celebrating defeat (PARTITION), calling it “Independence”, and hailing Nehru and Gandhi as our illustrious heroes and great patriots of Bharat Mata!

Our leaders, despicable, UNSCRUPULOUS & COWARDS TO THE BONE MARROW, had neither the guts to DEFEND our sacred “dharti” where Luv & Kush grew up and lived, and Guru Nanak Devji was born, nor even the least sense of honour to apologise to the nation for accepting that humiliating surrender to the barbarians, without resisting or holding referendum!

When the first shots were fired in Noakhali in East Bengal (August 1946), “Bapu” Gandhi, “Father of Nation”, did not sit up to assess the situation, REASONS & CONSEQUENCES, of that massacre of the Hindus. At that very moment Gandhi “DIED” as the legitimate leader of the Hindu nation but proved to be a stooge of the rulers and grovelling servant of Islam. He should have been set aside and Nehru, who did not even go to Noakhali to see the survivors, ought to have been thrown in the gutter of history.

But the ignorant and betrayed Hindu nation moved on, like a drunken elephant (“mast haathi”) with our heads filled with wood shavings (“bhoosa”), to Hindusthan’s next nemesis when the following occurred on 5th. March 1947.

In the sacred city where Bhagat Prahlad lived and defied his arrogant father who claimed to be God, the atmosphere was tense.

The previous evening the non Muslim citizens of Multan had gathered in Kupp Maidan, a large open space next to the police station near city centre, to protest against the obscene and provocative plan to partition India between the Hindus and the Muslims.

Islam was brought to Hindusthan by ruthless invaders from Arabia in 712 AD. Everyone knows the fate of the defeated Hindu King, Dahir, and all the women in his palace. His two daughters were captured and despite their curses, cries and wails, were immediately despatched- one to the ruler of Baghdad Caliphate and the other to the Imam of Grand Mosque in Mecca. Their fate has not been recorded. They were from Hindu royal household and “daughters of Hindusthan” who were so badly treated and abused to fulfil the lust of the predators.

On the morning of March 5, 1947, a procession of students of DAV High School and Emerson College was demonstrating against Partition and shouting slogans against Jinnah and his Muslim league when suddenly a crowd of Muslims, many butchers from the shops nearby among them, charged into the unarmed students, most in their teens, and started injuring and killing them in rage- and indiscriminately. The youngsters ran in all direction to save themselves. The Muslim mob dispersed, leaving the dead and the injured lying in the street. There was panic in the city. Shop shutters came down quickly and people went into their homes and shut the doors. Many were rushing to their homes, visibly shaken & frightened, crying, “They have killed Nanak Singh!” It was ominous. Nanak Singh had declared at the great rally the previous evening, “India will be cut upon my dead body!”
As soon as the sun set we heard shouts of “Allah hu Akbar” when Muslim mobs gathered to attack Hindu homes, using the cover of darkness. We heard the cries of those dying at their hands. Inmates were killed, females raped and then the homes were set on fire. One could see the glow of fire and smoke for miles around long after the shrieks and cries of those perishing went silent.
Being a minority the Hindus, betrayed by Nehru and Gandhi and the Government of India, had only one course open to them- to escape the land that was going under the sway of Islam. Law and order was giving way to anarchy with Rawalpindi district becoming the next target of the barbarians. Like cancer the Islamic poison was spreading quickly throughout West Punjab. Within days the historic mass migration gathered momentum and the blessed ‘land of five rivers’ was ruined beyond recognition.

A new Islamic republic was born, shrinking the surface area of the earth still further where genuine civilisation was confined.

In “bleeding” Bharat with her mutilated body and injured psyche a new aspiration gave birth among the masses, for “ISLAM-MUKT” Bharat!

What originated in the desert ought to be returned to the desert- come what may, and whatever be the cost!

5 March 2018