Date: 26/03/2018

This woman: GUESS HER NAME!

This woman converted the great victory achieved by the Indian Military into total defeat under Simla Pact in 1972.

This woman stepped up Bhinderanvale a divisionist declaring him a saint for her party's benefit at the cost of nation.

This autocratic woman put tens of thousands of citizens on hypothetical ground into jail for indefinite period to intimidate and silence Opposition.

This woman divided Hindus under castes but pampered and empowered the Muslims.

This woman told the Schedule Castes-lot during elections in 1980 that "I'll impose emergency for a few years to upset the upper castes who had put you down for thousands of years."

This woman paved way for cross border terrorism as joint venture with Bhinderanvale.

This woman sent the army to capture East Bengal but after they captured it she ordered them to withdraw and RETURN the captured territory back to Mohammedans where promptly the land and people went under PRIMITIVE Islamic Constitution. She said, "Our SECULARISM is for the Hindu slaves only, not for the MUSLIMS who will be as free in LAHORE as in DHAKA."

This woman became prime minister of India ONLY because she was the daughter of prime minister Jawaharlal NEHRU, who ruled Hindusthan like a SULTAN. Despite his Imperial autocratic life style the Indian MASSES still kissed his foot like slaves and promptly elected his daughter as Prime Minister, making India look like COOLIE COLONY of Nehru Dynasty.

In that "coolie colony" her son became prime minister after her death as if by Divine Right of "Gandhis"!