Date: 02/04/2018

Nation 'Going or Gone" to Dogs?

Modern India is “going or gone to Dogs” appears most apt description of the present absurd state of affairs. Both physically and morally, intellectually most bankrupt political leaders are inexorably plunging the nation into chaos and anarchy as a precursor to disintegration.
How can otherwise, one explain the latest burst of violence following the “Band/Rasta Roko” by activists of SC/ST organizations against the Supreme Court verdict. Judiciary has scored a ‘self goal’ due to injudicious-cum-indiscretion.

Did not the Judiciary understand and appreciate the sensitive nature of the issue that would stir up emotions and sentiments of SCs/STs resulting in outbreak of violence.

The clashes between the protestors and law and order machinery have resulted in 8 dead and a large number injured and properties damaged – public and private.

Furthermore, communal violence and clashes in West Bengal, Bihar and UP continue to play havoc on normal day to day life and damages to properties.

Add to them, protests continue in the leakage case of CBSE papers.

At the same time, Tamil Nadu is on boil over the issue of constitution of “Cauvery Water Board.
Also, protests demanding “Special Category Status” continue both inside and outside the Parliament and also on the streets of Andhra Pradesh.

Of course, South Kashmir continues to remain a boiling cauldron.

And, the State of Karnataka is experiencing diabolical political posturing by all political parties for the sake of power by hook or crook.

Even the Central government employees or waiting on the ‘wings’ to jump into ‘protest mode’ over the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

Parliament sessions are making a mockery of democracy sans debate, conciliation and consensus over key issues of budget and national security.

Allied political parties of Modi led NDA are sitting on the fence to breakaway and form their own coalition groups sans ideologies.

In sum, Modi-led NDA government is under increasing strain. Opposition parties are doubling their efforts to vilify Modi-led BJP government, which is virtually paralyzed, to seize the initiative in pursuit of power. All in the name of playing their role of opposition parties to highlight shortcomings of the present government. Political leaders and parties are indulging in “Blame Games” not realizing their backlash over them in posterity.

India’s adversaries/rivals and collaborators must be watching with ‘glee’ at the internal crisis envelopment on highly divisive lines.

None should rule the possibility of the BJP paying back in the same coin to whoever political combines may cobble an alliance and gobble up power.

Most important it is to recognize that the collapse of Modi-led BJP may inevitably result in political instability which is detrimental to peace, progress and prosperity.

In retrospect, the government is struggling with internal challenges including economic disparity, social upheaval, terrorism, separatism, left extremism and political disarray concurrently with nationalist and populist movements on the rise.

Viewed in the above context and content, one cannot but help summing up the internal security crisis envelopment under the caption “Nation going or gone to Dogs”.