Date: 11/04/2018

Mr Modi's visit to the UK
The questions we have for the prime minister of Bharat are not appropriate to be asked in public due to their sensitive nature. Here are a few of them. They ought to have been asked in the Prime Minister's office in the first place!

1. We (ALL PATRIOTS) wish a discussion in Lok Sabha on PARTITION. Those responsible for handing over ONE THIRD of India UNCONDITIONALLY need to be identified and EXPOSED.
The State has to declare whether that "Partition" was final and eternal, or is it still open to question, challenge and terminate unilaterally if need be.

2. ARTICLE 370: either ALL States should be covered by this Article or NONE.

3. If even ONE Hindu in Bharat is a refugee then Lok Sabha should NOT sleep till he is safely back home and guaranteed his safety. In other words, ALL the Pandits (Hindus) who fled South Kashmir in 1989 should be able to live safely in their homes just as the President feels safe in his own Bhawan.

4. There should be ZERO tolerance on CORRUPTION. The corrupt should be tried fearlessly whether they were born in India (Bharat) or Italy.

5. The present Constitution was written for the crushed, subservient VOICELESS Hindu nation with NO mention of Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi and Noakhali in it. Moreover it concedes EQUAL rights to the "robbers" & the "victims". A new Constitution is the need of the hour where the political / constitutional status of a MUSLIM has to be defined IN VIEW OF PARTITION. "Partition" is NOT a non event that is not worth discussing freely, fearlessly and frankly in Lok Sabha, the sovereign body representing all the nation!

6. Victims of State corroboration / criminal negligence:
Thousands of INNOCENT Sikhs, all proud citizens of Bharat, were massacred in broad daylight after the assassination of Mrs. Maimoona Begum, the prime minister under the fake name of "Indira Gandhi".

The criminals who committed those murders and rape of countless girls and even married women ought to be tried and "hanged" IN PUBLIC, TOO. Grievances of the affected families are genuine.

10 Apr 18
PS: We also congratulate the BJP government under Shri Modi for their positive achievements in a short period and wish them resounding VICTORY in the coming elections.
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People live on hope. So let us wait for BJP's resounding success in the forthcoming elections and HOPE that they will catch the BULL ("Partition") by the horn and then IMAGINE that they are ruling (and speaking on behalf of) Bharat MATA in the presence of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji, even Netaji Bose. That would be enough to give the jackals the spirit and courage of the lions!

According to Laws of Nature, that are superior to all the legislation and decisions by ANY parliament, King or President, the predators set upon the WEAK animal that cannot keep up with the herd for its safety.

It does not matter whether that hapless targeted animal is a PhD, His Excellency, His Majesty or even a Mahatma. This can be expressed in another way as "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" and its corollary is- "DEATH (PARTITION / DEFEAT) TO THE WEAK!"

We demand that this Law be inscribed on the walls of LOK SABHA in New Delhi with the understanding that "Partition must be REJECTED if there is even ONE Muslim living willingly in Bharat under secular Law." Otherwise not only Partition but also the Constitution as well as the Lok Sabha are FRAUD imposed on the VOICELESS IGNORANT Hindu masses who are brainwashed to believe that "All is well with our Bharat Mata with frontier at Wagah, and Lahore GONE!"

Barristers Gandhi and Nehru acted like despicable PIMPS to "offer" Bharat Mata (Mother India) FREE OF COST to the "Butcher" Jinnah and not only watched him "rape & mutilate" the sacred land of their own birth, but also accepted that High Treason as "legal and binding", simultaneously taking the vow never to mention the word "Partition" ever again.

Verily, while the brave Marathas, warrior Sikhs and the honourable Rajputs were asked to "GET LOST!", JACKALS were given the key to guard the LION- and the voiceless nation still calls one (the "goat") a "Mahatma", the other (the "fox") "Pandit ji", while our MUSLIM fellow citizens hailed (the TRAITOR) as "Qaid-i-Azam"!

What happened to the "Akhand Bharat" in which Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah and our current prime minister's mother (may be yours, too) were all born? How attached and COMMITTED to that Bharat we all are?