Date: 19/04/2018


“With regards RELIGION,” said Mohammed Ali Jinnah, “my Pakistanis will be “WOLVES & TIGERS” and they will be required to HUNT. (In England they are busy “hunting” even school girls and last year, the Gatestone Institute named Sweden the “rape capital of the west”!)
“What about YOU, Jawahar?”

Despicable Jawaharlal NEHRU, with the weight of High Treason of TERRITORIAL surrenders pressing on his heart, replied, “My INDIAN subjects will be “SHEEP & GOATS”, expected to forget Lahore and East Bengal in a second and put the “Mohammed of Desert” above all the rest, relegating Sri Ram and Guru Gobind Singhji to the second place!”

“Well done, Jawahar, just as expected!” congratulated Jinnah our “secular” Indian traitor. Thirty-seven years had to pass before the second assassination of ANTI HINDU, ANTI NATIONAL dynasty took place to eliminate Maimoona Begum and SEVEN more years has to pass before the brave TAMIL “goddess” did her own patriotic act to “despatch they dynasty”, thus paving way for Narendra Modi to take the command.

The two Constitutions (one for EAST of Atari and the other the WEST of Wagah) have been busy forming and shaping the conviction & belief, and mind set (FORCE) on one side and the lack of religious conviction (VACUUM) on the other.

Seventy years is a long time to turn the captive humans into “wolves” on one side and perpetual “sheep” on the other with regard to Faith & Spirituality. This has welded the Muslims into fanaticism while ruining the Hindus’ Identity, Unity, Awareness, Gaurav, GENES and Pride.
In more than hundred ways the Hindus are LOSERS. But let us take ONE: “Vulnerability of Hindu females.”

They are literally “delivered to the Devil!” When one is picked up, seduced, abducted or raped even their brothers do not spring into action to teach the Muslim “wolf” a lesson! Poor girls have never tired of tying “Rakhi”, year in and year out, on the wrists of their brothers reminding them of their duty to protect them when the “wolves” (predators) strike. “Constitution of the Sheep” has made them helpless, weak and vulnerable.

A ONE-WAY traffic has built up, of Hindu victim, Muslim predator, with regard to Hindu Victim’s submission & CONVERSION. In the gutless nation, that has never “missed “ Lahore and Sylhet from the map of Bharat, none has shouted, “For ONE Hindu girl “snatched” we shall see TWO Musalmani girls marrying Hindu grooms and then convert to a Non Muslim Faith. And in case the couple (doing “ghar wapsi”) are KILLED then the whole family of the culprit would be wiped out if the “Gandhian” country’s law becomes useless!

Here one is not dealing with “gentlemen” but with the “Hindu KILLER” zealots, crude & “JAAHIL” fellow humans. The “bystander” (“tamaash-been”) world will understand the reason since everyone knows what the MUSLIMS did in Noakhali, Rawalpindi, Nigeria, and to the YAZIDI girls and women so recently.

The latest MISFORTUNE befell the group of Sikh “yatris” to Sri Nankana Sahib to celebrate Baisakhi. One member of the group, a young widow, mother of three children, eloped with a Mohammedan who quickly converted and married her, thus sending shock waves across Bharat, especially East Punjab. The “JAAHIL” did not think of the fate of her children left behind, her parents, grandparents, and all the neighbours, friends and relatives! He was simply possessed by the urge to do JEHAD by “conquering” the INFIDEL female! The thought of asking for permission of her parents was not in the “Mohammed’s” mind.

Questions are being asked in a land where RELIGION does not find a mention in Constitution (though the country accepted its break-up on the sole basis of religion in 1947) as to how she was vetted by the Indian authorities to deliver herself to her Muslim seducer while travelling on a pilgrim’s visa!

The Muslim “Ghazi” must have given her such good “service” day and night that she even forsook her three minor children back in East Punjab whose fate is under question mark.
Will Government of Bharat insist on her returning to East Punjab? Will they order an investigation into this “abduction”? AND WILL VHP HOLD THEIR OWN ENQUIRY AS TO WHY CONVICTION IN HINDU DHARMA WAS ABSENT FROM THIS HINDU “DEVI”!

What needs to be done to save more souls is to write up a new Constitution for “HINDU Rashtra” where everyone could read the word HINDU to realize that “Among the secular sheep, there are HINDUS, too, living in Bharat who will RELATE to one another like a FAMILY.”

And the voluntary ban by COWARDS on a Hindu groom marrying a Muslim bride should be thrown out of the window. Such couples should be provided State PROTECTION so that they could live in peace without the fear of Mohammedan assassins cutting their throats!
What happened to Modiji’s call, “BETI BACHAO!”?

20 April 18