Date: 21/04/2018


Date: 21/04/2018
TO THE TOLERANT "GANDHIAN" HINDU WHO THOUGHT DESERTION OF KIRAN BALA TO ISLAM IN PAKISTAN WAS JUSTIFIED. He wrote: "Listen man, don't judge everything from a communal angle."

Thank you.
Your reasoning is fool proof but limited in scope, even dangerous since I notice that-

You do not seem to mind whether Lahore fell to Islamic fundamentalism or secular tolerant India.

You are among those who do not realize that an ocean consists of DROPS of water. So each drop matters.

Also you are the one who has seen YET ANOTHER lost Hindu soul but never saw the traffic flow the OTHER WAY even once! So it will be difficult to argue the case with you with passion or patriotism.

Yes, she was a prisoner in her house. Yes, she was single and desperately needed a man. Yes, sex is overwhelming instinct. Yes, she saw NO friend in Bharat. Pandits, priests, social workers, mandirs, gurdwaras, VHP. SGPC, psychological counsellors, cabinet ministers, all FAILED her.

This is "rotten" Bharat from where YET ANOTHER "Hindu devi" sought comfort in the arms of a MOHAMMEDAN whose culture is diametrically opposite that of the NATIVES of Bharat. Unwittingly she has dived into cultural "cesspit" where a man can marry FOUR wives and "kick out" one, merely saying "talaq" three times!

Of course, she will be cooking beef. Of course, she will be taking "Hukka" to her father-in-law. And, will she be covered all over in Burqa when stepping out? Yes, of course! Will she miss the MIXED congregations in gurdwara and "langar" sewa? Will she be forced to speak URDU instead of Panjabi? Will she be learning the Arabic language to read, and with luck understand, the Koran? Will she ever hold a "guTka" again in her hands to recite Japji Sahib? Will she not miss the music and kirtan in Gurdwaras? Will she see her husband go alone to the mosque, leaving her behind at home?

Will she be shedding tears for Hassan and Hussain who were killed in Karbala, Irak, or lament the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Devji, the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur and the entombment of the little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji? Will she be greeting all with "Asalamulaimum" instead of "SAT SRI AKAL" OR "NAMASTE"?

What will she think when she learns that at Partition fathers killed their own daughters to save them from falling into the hands of Muslim mobs? Perhaps her new father-in-law has a tale or two of abducting and raping some Hindu and Sikh girls then. Perhaps an old woman in the neighbourhood confides in her, "They killed my father and brothers and raped my mother and me and then someone took me home and did nikah and made me a Musalmaani,"- and how the other Sikh and Hindu families known to her perished!

But there are further questions when she crossed three frontiers:

1. The frontier of FAITH. Did any school is secular East Punjab have the story of two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji in syllabus who accepted DEATH than ISLAM? That is the cultural divide, historic divide, religious divide and spiritual divide at the same time.

2. The physical frontier that cuts through the body of Punjab, passing through Wagah - with democracy on one side and fanaticism, fundamentalism, murder, rape, Taliban, Al Qaida, and theocracy, on the other.

3. The social and human frontier that separates kith and kin from one's ENEMIES. When her new breed of children from the Mohammedan father grows up in ISLAMIC indoctrination in Pakistan they will, one day, FIGHT face to face against those she left behind in EAST Punjab who will fight to DEFEND their land of Sri Rama, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singhji!

It is up to YOU, dear friend, to think whether "Eternal peace descended on the sub continent after our Nehru and Gandhi fed "Lahore, Karachi and East Bengal" to the ever hungry Islamic wolves who are now trying to grab North Kashmir, too, and wish to "go" for Delhi tomorrow!

It is for you to have studied the arrival (712 AD) and the departure (1947) of the Muslims, taking away our Lahore, Sri Nankana Sahib, Peshawar and the whole of East Bengal. Do you feel any attachment or loyalty towards that HINDU "dharti" surrendered by traitors Nehru & Gandhi? They could easily have stood fast and saved North Kashmir and West Punjab! They could have charged JINNAH of High Treason and demanded his execution! COULD THEY NOT?

It is fashion among the defeated to abuse own writers & thinkers who wish to state FACTS and show the right path as "communal, dangerous and fanatics" while condoning the acts of our enemies who captured, and still occupy Lahore, Karachi and Sri Nankana Sahib. If Hindu or Sikh SPIRIT was equal to that of the Muslim fanaticism then YOU would have wondered as to WHY ISLAMIC FLAG STILL FLIES OVER LAHORE! WHY NOT "KHANDA CHAKRA" OR TRISHUL OVER MECCA?".

Now that she is there where before 1947 Hindu and Sikh families lived happily in peace, did any school book or local leader describe to her how those Hindus and Sikhs were exterminated or made to flee for safety in Bharat?

Finally unless we RELATE to the "fallen" girls both Hindus and Sikhs will vanish from the "REST" of India, too, as we vanished from the "BEST" of India in 1947.

Even the esteemed writer does not seem to know that the HONOURABLE & BRAVE Sikhs used to RESCUE Hindu girls from the clutches of MUSLIM invaders but today many are justifying the rotten deed of this drop-out female who could not spot a single "MAN" in Hindusthan but had to find one in rebellious break-away turbulent chaotic starving ISLAMIC Pakistan from where MILLIONS have fled to all parts of the world, and still fleeing!

If all this means nothing to most citizens of Bharat then, indeed, Nehru's Constitution made the proud HINDUS & SIKHS "sheep" who do not relate to one another whether in the open or in an abattoir!

Finally, the FIRST sentence in the e-mail below: "Listen man, don't judge everything from a communal angle." Obviously, NONE, not even the CONSTITUTION, told the writer that ISLAMIC PAKISTAN, that has "swallowed" this Hindu mother of three, was itself established on COMMUNAL angle!

Sadly, it is common to see the ISLAMIC aggression as "normal" but any RESPONSE or RETALIATION is seen as "communal", even dangerous!

Most Hindus see Babur's despicable act of destroying the historic temple in Ayodha as something normal but to reconstruct the same temple is seen as "communal and dangerous"! That is called "deterioration of genes" of the Hindu nation, now living within the borders drawn by Islamic COMMUNALISM & FUNDAMENTALISM in 1947.

Shri Baljeet Singh (e-mail below) seems reconciled to that bogus BORDER, as well as the "desertion" of this Hindu RENEGADE with the ease of breathing!

20 Apr 18
PS: There is urgent need of a new Constitution for PARTITIONED India that "notices" desertions from the NATIVE religions and faiths of Hindusthan.